Variety of Homemade Bread recipe by most Chefs

Homemade Bread recipe

Bread is the light made an easy recipe to eat whenever you don’t want to have a heavy lunch or breed. Do you know that we need to know every day new recipe for everything we make? Today, we will let you know how you can make the perfect and easy homemade bread recipe that help you to take the awesome food. Somehow, these bread making recipes are the most common term of the food which can be cook anytime without taking much time. We must have the oven but sometimes we can make bread without using an oven. Yes, it sounds good and pretty.

Bread recipe

Easy homemade bread recipe

There are numerous ways to make bread but today we will share the odd and best one which will help you to make things more comfortable and glorious. I enjoyed the aroma of baking the fresh bread easily and soft. Do you know how can make the easy recipe for bread?


  • Buy active dry yeast from the market.
  • We also need the water at the warm temperature.
  • We need three tablespoons for the sugar.
  • Canola oil is also very important.
  • 1/4th cups for purpose flour.


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Directions – homemade bread recipe:

This is best ever bread recipe which you can make easily at home without spending much money. How we can make the perfect ever bread making recipe easily. Now you can make homemade bread recipe easily.

  1. Bread recipeYou have to take a large bowl and then mix the yeast in the water warm. Now you have to add the salt, oil and the three cups of flour in the mixing. Now you have to beat the mixture and then make a soft dough as and when required.
  2. Turn onto the plain surface and press while smooth dough is made and it will happen in eight to ten minutes.
  3. Punch the dough with the soft hands and divide the dough half cut and give them the perfect bread shape with the artificial shape maker. Cover it for 45 minutes and it will double the shape of actual shape.
  4. Simply bake the bread until it gets brown and you must not use pan and use racks to make sixteen slides of bread, you also need to cut the bread into pieces now!

Alright! Done!

Now you know that it is an easy bread recipe and especially homemade bread recipe which is the most simple and appropriate one recipe.


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Flat bread recipe

The flat bread recipe is very easy and we make it at home without any interruption and worries. Mostly people eat flat bread with the daily food because it helps to make it on the stove.

Bread recipe


Ingredients for homemade bread recipe:

  • You need to have self-rising flour and the quantity must be 350 gram.
  • Sea salt or any salt must be used.
  • Baking powder is also needed.
  • We need yogurt, natural yogurt but not artificial yogurt.


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How to make flat bread:

It’s so easy to make the bread because it helps to take bread alongside the soup or any fresh salad and chicken pieces. We have told you all the ingredients that include in the flat bread recipe.

Bread recipe

  1. Mix all the ingredients of flat-bread and mix all and then mix everything with the hands.
  2. You have to figure out the plain surface and pour the flour on the surface.
  3. Everything is mixed up and wait for some time and put everything in the bowl until it is smooth.
  4. You can also add some potatoes and garlic cloves in it so that it will be a mixed vegetable flat bread which is so tasty.
  5. Now take a pan and put your flat bread onto the surface of the flat pan and cook both sides of the flat bread easily.

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Recipe for homemade bread recipeBread recipe

We have told you all the recipes for bread, some would be easy and some would be so professional. All you need to know how to make perfect shapes of the bread. It’s so easy and can become the best ever recipe for the people to make it understand. Now we will tell you how you can make perfect shapes for the bread.

Loaf Pan Shape

Loaf pan shape is the best ever shape which is the most prestigious type of loaf pan. Great shapes can be made and rectified using the loaf pan.

How to make perfect and incredible bread shapes:

  • You need to push the dough into the square shape plastic pan.
  • Now the next step is to make the dough looks like the plastic pan shape.
  • Then plain it and press with the wooden platter.
  • Make a roll and fold it all over.
  • Put it in the pan and all are done successfully!

This is only one example of how you can give a different shape to bread making a bread recipe, we can share more in the coming days!






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