10 Famous Authentic Mexican Restaurants in America


Authentic Mexican restaurants

In America, the Mexican restaurant industry including Tex-Mex brings in upwards of $38 billion annually. It reflects the love of American’s with tortillas and beans.

Taco restaurants are includes in Mexican restaurants where you can order your favorite Mexican food. Mexican dining is too much popular among families across America. These are the families who love the aroma, flavors, and taste of Mexican dishes.

Our 2017 ranking of the top authentic Mexican restaurants in America. Expects to present to you the creme de la creme of this sorting. Make the most of our 2017 positioning of America’s top Mexican restaurants.

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1- Hugo’s Regional Mexican Cuisine, Houston

Hugo's: Mexican Restaurants

Hugo’s was opened in 2002 in a reestablished Latin propelled building. It was designed by of Joseph Finger. Hugo’s was propelled into a different provincial way to deal with Mexican foodstuff.

Gourmet specialist Hugo Ortega, a finalist for the 2013 James Beard Award for Best Chef. Southwest, cooks sustenance that is exquisite, imaginative, and rousing. Arrange the quite proclaimed sheep barbacoa braised in garlic and chiles, then moderate simmered in agave.

For the name alone, “tablecloth stainer,” a sweet mole-stewed pork and chicken dish.

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 2- Guisados, Los Angeles

Guisados, Los Angeles

With two areas in Los Angeles, Guisados praises the effortlessness of Mexican foodstuff with an engaging menu of tacos made with conventional, home-style braises served in crisp, high-quality tortillas. They offer distinctive choices for every fundamental taco bunch including steak, chicken, pork, fish, and veggie lover.

With respect to the pork tacos, burger joints can test chicharron, chorizo, Archuleta en salsa verde. Wash everything down with a melon, lemon, or hibiscus agua fresca and you’ll wind up in taco paradise.

3- La Taqueria, San Francisco

La Taqueria, San Francisco: Mexican Resturants

The best tacos and burritos in the entire world” say the neon sign outside the white Mission-style curves. As the expression goes, “It ain’t braggin’ if it’s valid.” La Taquería has won more than what’s coming to its believers with its chorizo, lengua, and carnitas tacos.

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Additionally sans rice burritos, and its carnitas taco is an unquestionable requirement attempt. Gone to the Mission District on a void stomach, and in the wake of eating here, you can examine the opposition at El Farolito. Taquería Los Coyotes, well known for its micheladas.

4- Oyamel, Washington

One of m y favorite Mexican Restaurants

Spanish gourmet expert José Andrés is famous for his commitment to learning other societies’ cooking styles. As he noted in 2013.: “It was the vessel boats of Spain’s King Philip II that associated these two universes several years prior. Those Spanish boats took into account a trade of sustenances, dishes, stories, and customs.

” He invested energy in Mexico before opening Oyamel in 2004. Dinners begin as they ought to with complimentary salsa and chips, made crisp and seared day by day. Precede with antojitos, fathers al mole, and tacos with high-quality tortillas, particularly chapulines.

The Oaxacan claim to fame of sautéed grasshoppers on the off chance that you set out.

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5- Lotería Grill, Los Angeles

Lotería Grill, Los Angeles

Restaurateur Jimmy Shaw, who was brought up in Mexico City. Opened his first Lotería Grill in 2002 as an approach for displaying customary Mexican food from his youth. Today, there are six areas all through Los Angeles that keep local people and guests returning for additional.

The chicharrón de queso is a most loved hors-d’oeuvre. It is made with Oaxaca and Jack cheeses and presented with new corn tortillas, salsa verde, and guacamole. Furthermore, you can’t miss the tacos loaded with things like nopalitos, Lengua de res en salsa verde, and Pollo en pipian Rojo.

6- La Condesa, Austin

La Condesa, Austin

La Condesa does it all; from creative guacamole to a plenty of ceviches. The restaurant offers customary Mexican dishes with new-age pizzas. The cocktail list is quite broad, with fortes like the alma Blanca made with habanero-injected tequila, ginger alcohol, agave nectar, pineapple juice, crisp corn, Hoja de hierba Santa Clause, and hibiscus-rose-imbued salt edge.

However, don’t disregard its stellar tequila and mescal menus. It combines splendidly with strength menu things like the mero de Ajo negro. A skillet simmered grouper dish went with coated potato, dark garlic purée, chayote slaw, and chile de árbol vinaigrette.

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7- Guelaguetza, Los Angeles

 Guelaguetza, Los Angeles: Mexican Resturants

With the 1994 opening of Guelaguetza, the Lopez family acquainted Los Angeles with genuine Oaxacan food. Presently the quantity of nearby Oaxacan restaurants trails just those of Mexico City and Oaxaca. In any event, as indicated by regarded commentator Jonathan Gold.

Much of that can be credited to the achievement of this Koreatown spot. Named for the midsummer celebration observing Mexico’s southwestern district. Guelaguetza is a year-round goal for its tamales, memelas, unstuffed enchiladas, and obviously, wonderful moles.

8- Chichen Itza, Los Angeles

Chichen Itza, Los Angeles

The chef and proprietor Gilberto Cetina has made a menu highlighting the range’s Mayan, Spanish, and Lebanese impacts. One customary hors d’oeuvre is the kibi conveyed to the district by Lebanese settlers. The tacos de chicharrón are brilliant. The eatery additionally serves a stellar rendition of the customary rice-based Mexican drink horchata.

9- Barrio Café, Phoenix

Barrio Café, Phoenix

Culinary expert Silvana Salcido Esparza pours more than 250 of Mexico’s top-rack tequilas. However, she absolutely needn’t bother with them to persuade clients to continuous her three vivid lounge areas.

From queso fundido to pozole Verde, shrimp quesadillas to moderate simmered Mayan-style achiote-spiced cochinita pibil tortas. Barrio Café offers genuine Mexican nourishment that has captivated Arizonans since 2002.

10- La Casita Mexicana, Bell, Calif

Mexican restaurants

The chef “Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu” are also known for running one of Los Angeles’ most fundamental Mexican eateries, Flautas. Then,  they moved into a neighboring space. That enabled them to significantly grow past the moles, chilaquiles, enmoladas, and chiles en nogada that made them so well known.

The extended menu at La Casita Mexicana incorporates bone marrow in adobo and blackberry mole. The wine list incorporates an investigation of Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe.

Nutritional Components in Mexican Food

Mexican dishes contain a plenty of saturated fats from re-fried beans and cheese. It also contains trans-fat by the lard which is used to prepare tortillas and beans. Mexican food is a perfect nutritious alternative as it provides several health benefits. Mexicans food contains:

  • Fibers

Beans are the primary ingredients of Mexican food. Several types of beans including black and pinto are used for making Mexican dishes. Whole beans are rich in fiber than the re-fried beans.

  • Protein

Several Mexican dishes like enchiladas and tacos have meat. This meat could be beef, fish, pork, chicken or shrimp. The meat in Mexican foods provides protein to the body. White meat chicken burrito and lean beef taco are the best way to add protein to Mexican food. Cheese is also another way to add protein to Mexican dishes

  • Vitamins and Minerals

Tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and avocado supply several vitamins and minerals to the body. They also boost the nutrition of the Mexican dishes.

Foot Note: It is pretty hard to narrow down the top authentic Mexican restaurants in America. However, I try my best to sum up the 10 best restaurants for Mexican food. Do let me know which one is your favorite.


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