Top 5 Best Anti Theft Sling Bag For Travel 2019 (40$ – 100$)

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag For Travel 2019 -

Does best anti theft sling bag for travel 2019 Actually Help Prevent Theft?

Best anti theft sling bag for travel 2019 are specially designed but they cannot stop criminals. Instead they help you to prevent from theft while on travel. The most important thing you can keep your valuable item with you on the journey.


1. Pacsafe - best anti theft sling bag for travel 2019

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag for travel - pascafe
  • 6 different colors are available
  • This mens leather sling bag is comfortable, slim and secure
  • Mens cross body sling bag with built-in anti-theft technologies
  • RFID safe blocking material used in the pocket
  • The RFID technology helps to protect credit cards and ID’s from hacker scanning
  • Ideal best designer sling bag for travel for carrying everyday on adventures, as a hand carry or around the town
  • Lightweight best sling bag for travel
  • It have hidden wire mesh of stainless steel which is embedded into fabric
  • Hidden Wire mesh helps to protect against slash-and-run theft
  • Beautifully designed locking down the zippers which helps to prevent from pickpockets
  • Dimensions of this sling Bag are (15.7” H x 9.1” W x 3.1” D)

Verified Purchase

Very well made bag. If fits a ton of stuff in it's tiny package. I was able to fit my 13" MacBook Pro with a plastic all around case, an iPad mini, portable battery, lightning cable, iPad charging brick, and MacBook charger with no issues at all. I was amazed myself. I will be returning it thou to get a bigger backpack to fit my other stuff. I might get it again later on for light days.

2. KOPACK - Waterproof sling bag - Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag for travel - kopack
  • Best anti theft sling bag for travel - No visible pockets and zippers at the front of best designer sling bag for travel.
  • Fully hidden zippers to protect your laptop, wallet, smart phone and others are inside the men’s leather sling bag away from pickpocket.
  • Made with water resistant and scratch resistant durable fabric.
  • Built-in rain cover (water resistant fabric) kept at the bottom slot to keep items dry from accidental throw of water or rain
  • It have built-in USB Port also including charging cable – Easy to charge your smart phone/tablet without opening up the zippers and pockets.
  • Multiple compartments inside the best sling bag for travel 2019 are made to store clothes, tablet, and laptop and power bank.
  • Shock proof inner Bag pocket gives shield from accidental effect injury.
  • Mens cross body sling bag with two Meditative Stripe, while cycling at night makes you noticeable.

Verified Purchase

I purchased this for my son for his middle school. They are required to carry a chromebook back and forth to school now and I wanted something that is not too expensive and is good quality. This backpack has it all, padded compartment for his laptop, several zippered storage pockets and pockets to organize everything he needs to bring to school. The material is good quality and the straps seems sturdy. It has a built in rain shield to protect the backpack from rain/snow. USB port on the bag to charge portable is a plus and well thought out option.

3. SwissGear - Lightweight Best Sling Bag for Running

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag for travel - Swiss Gear
  • 5 beautiful colors available for best tactical sling backpack
  • The main compartment of best anti theft sling bag for travel has a file pocket which can hold up to 15” of laptop
  • Organized space with expanded pocket for Tablet, detachable clip and extra pockets for pens, ID card, mobile phone, and USB stick
  • Bag straps are connected to the padded and breathable material/fabric for extreme comfort
  • Restoration panel, airflow with mesh for ventilation and better backrest
  • Reflective material built on the front side of sling bag for added security
  • Best to use for School, Hand carry, on the travel and as a professional
  • Dimensions of Sling bag are 17.5" H x 11.5" W x 7.5" D

Verified Purchase

I used this for a trip to Europe. I was PERFECT! Not big and bulky, but held so much stuff. Lots of different pockets so my things could be distributed and easily found. Very durable.

4. Lewis N. Clark - best sling bag for travel 2019 - best sling backpacks

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag for travel - Lewis
  • 3 beautiful colors are available in sling bag for men amazon
  • Nylon Imported fabric lining used in making
  • Convertible 3 in 1 - For use as a shoulder bag, shoulder bag or backpack.
  • Long lasting and durable nylon with PU coating for water resistant
  • The anti-cut shoulder strap has internal features and an internal stainless steel cord to prevent it from being robbery
  • Magnaloft Slash-resistant magic panels which are flexible and lightweight
  • Inside pocket with zipper and inside pockets for room keys and passport
  • External pocket with locking for mobile and other items, as well as an RFID protection card slot
  • Dimensions of Sling Bag are 8.5” L x 3.5” W x 10.5” D - Length of Strap - 55 inches - Drop Length – 12” - 24"

Verified Purchase

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5. Travelon - best small sling bag for travel - Anti theft sling bag for travel

Best Anti Theft Sling Bag for travel - Travelon
  • 5 different colors are available
  • The RFID block technology and passport slots are located in the main compartments, 1 open wall pocket and 1 zipper pocket
  • For mobile phones and sunglasses have front slash pocket
  • Zip locks of pockets for additional security
  • Best anti-theft sling bag for travel include body panels and shock resistant shoulder straps.
  • Lock chamber; green belt down; and RFID blocking passport slots and pockets

​Roman Holiday
Verified Purchase

This is really cute. I have a Travelon crossbody bag that I plan to carry. If you are looking for a very minimal sized security backpack, look no further. Aside from the locking zipper pulls, I love the RFID protection with the built in wallet and that you can use the straps to attach it to the chair you are sitting on so you can enjoy a meal without someone running off with your bag.

Examine how anti theft sling bag 2019 protect against theft

1. Cut resistant material used in anti theft sling bag 2019

  • Most notable feature of best anti theft bags 2018 is the material in which they are made.
  • The military material is very sharp and very sturdy, so it is almost impossible for a thief to open quickly with a knife.
  • Best anti theft sling bag 2019 are reinforced on a high speed knitting machine and other technical fibers.
  • Structure of this process is considered the result of the highest cut level.
  • Second option is Kevlar. In general, Kevlar is a cut resistance of 2 and can be reduced to direct light.
  • In general, some generations use lightweight steel to reinforce the same hull, which is not a lasting substitute. This can be harmful for your skin when you it out of the bag.

2. High End RFID blocking technology

  • Your best sling backpacks must offer RFID blocking technology.
  • RFID stands for “Radio Frequency IDentification". It refers to chips in security cards and credit cards which holds sensitive information.
  • Hackers use these frequencies with other devices called RFID scams. Your personal information saved in credit cards can be used by hackers. They can make purchases that you have not verified, or worse, to steal your identity.
  • But if your best anti theft sling bag for travel is equipped with standard RFID blocking technology, you can block these hacking frequencies to make credit cards and personal harmless as much as possible.
  • Most of the mens cross body sling bag are also protected - in the form of RFID barriers.
  • This is the most important feature that you must confirm before purchasing the anti theft sling bag 2019.

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3. Shoulder Strap Must Cut resistant

  • The strap of best designer sling bag for travel must not be easy to cut. The thieves often try to cut the case and ran suddenly with all the bag in a public area.
  • Many anti-theft sling bags come with a cable-reinforced strap.
  • What makes this shoulder difficult to cut? The bag strap is supplied with a lightweight and flexible rope, which makes it easy to cut.
  • They are designed not to be cut comfortably for a long time.
  • Good news is that if the shoulder strap is have wire mesh inside then it cannot be cut by any thief. You are safe to go.

4. Hidden Compartments

  • Your best sling backpack for laptop must have hidden pockets that prevent the thief to steal from your sling bag.
  • These pockets are mostly hidden behind fabric in the cross body sling bag.
  • In Hidden compartments, you can organize your valuable items i.e. credit cards in hidden pockets.
  • This reduces confusion and time when the bag is open and fragile and where the most important items are stored which are difficult places to find.

5. Safe Locking Clips

  • Locking clips must be fitted outside your best tactical sling backpack.
  • These special Locking clips closely bound zippers. To lock zippers, it takes a little more effort whenever you have to take out an item.
  • But this is highly recommended to make it difficult for thief to unlock zippers and stole your valuable items.

Are you ready to buy your best anti theft sling bag for travel 2019?

  • Keep in mind that you cannot avoid from mishaps on the travel. But you can prepare to get safe from most.
  • One of the coolest ways to invest in an anti theft sling bag 2019 for your trip around the world. It's not only a smart idea but also a beneficial investment.

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