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Grilling is an outdoor activity that attracts to friends and family and is appreciated by all. The grilling job will be a pleasure when you have the perfect Custom BBQ Smokers. You can use a gas grill or the traditional charcoal grill. To organize an outdoor custom barbecue grills, it is important to have the right barbecue accessories.


1. Outland Living - Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table 

Outland living - custom bbq smokers
  • Impressive and beautiful outdoor Centerpiece
  • Durable and high in Quality

  • Have convenient features

  • Custom built BBQ grills

  • Safe to use

  • CSA Approved

Verified Purchase

This Custom built BBQ grills seems to be quite upscale. There should be no problem with the wind that moves this table. The wicker is very beautiful and no loose edges. The setup was simple, even though I did not see the instructions in the box ... then submit if it would help others.

Cabbage Keith
Verified Purchase

Large fire table for the price. I love. The packaging was great. No damaged or incomplete parts. Easy to assemble. Provides good atmosphere and warmth. So nice I bought twice. One for the terrace and the other for the pergola.

Ignite Client
Verified Purchase

Love this table with fire! It was not difficult to mount and we bought the windshield and the hood. It erases a beautiful flame and the rocks look like ice cubes, but they never melt! This will give a little warmth, but since the table is a bit louder, you only feel the heat when you cross the fire table. I bought it extra for the atmosphere and it fits perfectly!

2. PartyFairyBox - Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill – Portable BBQ Grill

partyFairyBox - custom BBQ smokers
  • Waterproof and rust proof material used

  • Ventilation control on both sides

  • East to clean

  • Best custom BBQ grills

  • Restaurant type quality design

  • Set of 2 Stainless Steel Seasoning Shakers

  • BBQ Grills at its best

  • High Quality 12 inch Scissor BBQ Tongs

Michael Milhaud
Verified Purchase

This is a revised review of the ownership of this model for over a year. The surface of the grill itself consists of twisted stainless steel wires. I wondered the pale look of the grill, but I used it in the summer without any problem when you ate grilled kebabs and steaks.
Last night I stood in a piece of grilled steak when something hard and the tower was stuck in the side of my mouth. There was a short length of wire grid area. Fortunately, I did not swim. The design of this Best custom BBQ grills poses security issues. The barbecue area must be made of heavy metal, which does not break after repeated use. Representatives of this product: be aware.

Verified Purchase

I have 2 for yakatori parties. They are beautiful and fun, but watch out, they get very hot. You can also use it for a regular barbecue.

Verified Purchase

Very pleased with the Best custom BBQ grills. I like to make yakitori style or just grill things in a traditional way.

3. Royal Gourmet - Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet - custom BBQ smokers
  • Easy assembling

  • Heavy duty lid

  • Professional thermometer attached

  • Good for smoker and heating

  • Combination offset smoker

  • Easy to clean.

  • Large capacity charcoal pan can contain upto 5 lbs

  • Side door for easy adding charcoal

  • Custom barbecue grills

  • Air vent grants better air flow.

  • Big stack and cool-touch spring handle

  • Adjustable damper for better air flowing.

  • Adjustable height for better heating

​Tyler Everett
Verified Purchase

Received custom BBQ grills outdoor and missed the most important piece. The smoking gate called Royal Gourmet and explained my frustration and the party was on my doorstep in less than 24 hours. It is customer service! Thank you Royal Gourmet!

Verified Purchase

So far I have used it twice, and the offset smoke and the normal grill worked well. One of the designs I like most is the adjustable coal stove. This not only allows the height of the charcoal to be controlled to control the heat, but also the extra pan under the grate that collects the ash and simplifies the cleaning. I see many complaints about color scattering when I use the smoker's set.

For me, I do not see this problem yet. When I smoke, I use my basket of homemade charcoal to find the bullets instead of pouring them into the ground. The basket is original for my 18 inch wever, but the size is perfect for the offset smoke. Generally I love custom barbecue grills and the price is unbeatable.

Verified Purchase

I love this custom BBQ grills outdoor. I was a little skeptical when I set it up, but when I built, and used it, I was in love. Plenty of space for cooking for a family barbecue. I made the first meal at 6 and thought I could have fried at the age of 15 years. Now I'm a good barbecue party boy.

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