Solar Path Lights a new Innovation in Exterior Decor

Solar path light are the new innovation in the exterior décor of house. These lights come with extensive features which give them edge over all other exterior pathway lights. Solar light have come a long way in innovation. At first they were ordinary led bulbs with dim lights and limited glow. The consumption and heat production consumption was very high.

But now they have improved a lot more light, less heat production furthermore some solar pathway lights are coming wireless means you can place it where ever you want. The solar panels that come with lights can easily be placed where maximum light can be captured.

Solar lights come up with much more improved battery timings means they can work in shady places, cloudy weather, longer winter nights. However their ability to work will not match like summers but still it will glow and add beauty to your yard.

Selecting the best solar path lights can be very confusing but if you consider few features before making your final choice you will be on the safer side.

solar path lights

First of all you should know for what function do you need these lights for?

Are you interested in lighting your pathway or a light that can serve both security and added landscape beauty. You can find your product according to your need, and narrowing your choices down to specific needs will help you find your solar lights

Are you needing year-round lighting?

Not all solar powered lights run in all weather and usable year round but be sure to read the specifications before finalizing your product, lower price solar lights may not work in freezing temperatures.

Where do you want to place your solar lights?

Although solar lights are versatile in nature means can be placed where ever you want but you should first define your objective to place these lights. The lights can be pathway lights to illuminate the path of your garden or spot lights for decorative purpose like below trees to give a romantic look. So first you should be clear on this that where you want to use these lights


What sort of sunlight do you get?

High quality solar panels can change in shady areas and on cloudy days, the best solar lights are still determined by the amount of daylight your garden receives. Normally LED walkway lights can work upto 8 to 10 hours on average.  If you have shady areas, look for only those products that are rated for low light charging. There are many items in the market that can connect remotely if needed, but there is usually a high cost associated with this, so it pays off to know your area and placement in advance.





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