Plastic Orchid Pots with Holes


The plastic orchid pots are one of the best orchid pots. Plastic orchids pots are easily available and cheap in price. They are lighter in weight and easy to carry and clean.

Plastic orchid pots are useful in the ways. There is hardly any drawback of these pots. In old days they used to be dull and boring but now they also come in different designs and colors.


Clear Plastic orchid Pots

Clear Plastic pots are so useful for planting and gardening. They are so gardening friendly.
With clear plastic pots, we can see across and keep a check on the orchid roots and water retaining process.

They let the sunlight pass through and it enhances the plant nutrient requirements. And also they with the help of sunlight the water dries quickly and saves the orchid plant from dying due to excess water intake.

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Meshpot - Clear Plastic Orchid Pots With Holes

  • Made from Food Grade Polyethylene
  • Clear Plastic is more easy to monitor the orchid plants moisture and the root growth.
  • The breathable holes on the sides of the pot provide more air to the orchid roots
  • The bottom holes provide accurate drainage
  • Ensures that there is enough water retention
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Prevents the Root Circling & Rotting
  • Reduce re-potting.
  • Excellent Air Ventilation and Drainage
  • Can be used for more than 10 years outdoor.

Product Description

Inner Diameter: 15 cm (6 inches); Outer Diameter: 17.9 cm (7 inches); Bottom Diameter: 7.8 cm (3.9 inches) ; Height: 15.5 cm (6.1 inches)

Packaged Included:
2 pieces - 7 inches pots,1 pieces - 6 inches pot

About the Brand:
We, MeshPot, are dedicated to the research & development, manufacture and sale of rotary air purifiers. At MeshPot, our mission is to provide you with functional, scientific, and safe gardening planters. MeshPot is the first to manufacture rotary air conditioning containers with air tear technology. We own seven patents. We create lightweight pots with a wide selection for you. With these pots, you can grow your favorite plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables more easily and efficiently.


Plants are NOT included

Clear plastic pot with holes

Clear plastic pot with holes are one of the best orchid pots so far. They help in the aeration process.
They let the air pass, they increase the ventilation for the plant. And help them grow better. The holes in the pot also help in the drainage of water. They do not let the roots of orchid swim in water for so long as it is not good for the orchid roots.

Mkono - Orchid Pots with Holes and Mesh

  • Mkono Orchid Pots helps increase the rate of water and nutrient element uptake
  • promotes healthy root growth
  • ideal for aerobic conditions
  • Mkono Plant Pots are specially designed for the Orchidaceae; Cattleya and Dendrobium
  • Slotted pot efficiently lead orchid root growth better and helps them distribute in a uniform pattern
  • It also suitable for common plants.
  • Root control design 
  • nets allow extra airflow to prevent roots circling.
  • 2 Sets; 1 Outer and 1 Inner Pot
  • holes in the bottom of the pots 
  • allow quick drainage for the orchids

Product Description

Material: High-quality Polyethylene plastic
Package: 2 Pieces, 2 inner net pots & 2 outer pots
Size: Dimensions of the Pot are 4 inches inside diameter by 4 ½ inches high.

When the plant grows big for the solid orchid pot, the roots start to circle and crumble each other. They need room to breathe.

Round Clear Plastic Orchid Pot

  • Teku pot
  • Sturdy designed
  • made in Germany
  • Dimensions of the pot: 5 7/8 inches diameter x 4 7/8 inches tall tapers to 4 1/4 inches at the bottom.
  • Promotes great drainage
  • Best for the aeration
  • Helps in humidity extraction
  • The Clear plastic pot allows light 
  • Allows air into the roots along with 
    helps eliminate the stagnant water

Product Description

Clear plastic pot ideal for the Orchids and other plants, as well as they, require air and light to their roots. The 1 inch uplifted part of the pot helps in the aeration and also helps in the drainage of excess water.

Package: Pack of 5 plastic pots
Item Weight: 4 ounces

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