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Outdoor ping pong table cover is most crucial equipment. Every player must have it to enjoy a clean ping game. Ping pong table cover amazon plays a big part in maintaining and protecting ping game table. For quality ping pong games, it is highly important for the table on which it has to be played to be of best quality. This is the main reason that ping pong club players must understand the characteristic of the best quality tablecloth for ping pong table.


1. Harvil - ping pong table cover for pool table

ping pong table cover - Harvil
  • Specially designed for outdoor ping pong table to protect and avoid damage
  • This cover of PVC is sturdy and it is strong enough for long-term use. It is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Ping pong table covers waterproof is a must item for keeping the favorite ping game table in perfect condition.
  • It helps to protect game board from damages. Dimensions of cover are: 113” L x 86” W and weigh only 3 pounds.
  • Elastic hems for the ping game table are provided for perfect fit, regardless of whether this game table is in a play condition or folding to storage.
  • In the manufacturer's warranty period of 90 days, defective items will be replaced to the buyer for free.
  • Full Money Back warranty and guarantee - All of the goods are delivered to your door free of charge. However, we will provide delivery and installation at home for an additional fee.

​Rudolph Rodriguez
Verified Purchase

Very good cover. Very good vendor.
Good purchase.

2. Inertia Sports – Indoor/Outdoor Table Ping Pong Table Cover

ping pong table cover - Inertia Sports
  • This ping pong table cover for pool table is waterproof and wind resistant.
  • A commercial grade polyester coated with UV rays. Protected with another layer of vinyl.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor ping game tables. Increase the life of your ping pong table with this perfect ping pong table covers waterproof
  • Very easy to use ping pong table cover, now you can cover the table without folding it. Loop the loop with the button to the table feet.
  • Long term protection from animals, wind, dirt, sun, snow and rain.
  • 100% Guarantee: You will be fully refunded If you are not fully satisfied, Just let us know.

Verified Purchase

Came quick. Haven’t gone through a big storm yet with a lot of wind but so far it’s a good cover that is fit well for our outdoor (partially covered) table. We like that it fits for when table is down. We were closing it after every use previously and then covering and this extra step was what we wanted to avoid...and it would always collapse during storms.

3. Covermates – ping pong table cover for beer pong - Ping Game

ping pong table cover - Covermates
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty
  • Provide protection to Ping game table all year
  • Ping pong table cover amazon can easily fit up to 110” W x 60” D x 30” H ping pong tables
  • In Black Color
  • 12–gauge thick commercial vinyl is used in making
  • Special feature - at both ends of ping game table cover there are touch fastener flap for paddle storage
  • If you seriously concerned about the protection of your ping game table then you must try Covermates ping pong table cover

​Kelly J
Verified Purchase

Great outdoor ping pong table cover! Sturdy, durable and able to withstand crazy storms with high winds coming through North Texas tonight with flying colors. Easy enough to handle for my 2 young children. I'd recommend this cover of you have an outdoor table!

3 Easy Tips To Pick A Durable Ping Pong Table Cover 2019

  • While searching for outdoor ping pong table, you will see many accessory options which are available easily. Some accessories can be irrelevant and unimportant. But you may want to think about the ping pong table cover 2019.
  • The table ping pong outdoor seems to be a lasting thing and buying something stupid to cover it. It is not breakable and fragile as long as you usually use it. It's just a flat surface.
  • However, this surface must remain smooth to fulfill its functionality. Today, most of the table ping pong outdoor are folded in half and are stored vertically. How easy it would be to make it heavy and hit it against the table, or hit it with a billet stick. May be your children hit something while playing.

3 Benefits to know about outdoor ping pong table cover

  • Outdoor ping pong table cover keep ping game table safe and protective. You want stiga ping pong table cover to protect your ping game table from rain, sun, wind, dust and even animals.
  • Covering indoor ping game table is a good decision, even if it's a bit less clear. When folding on halfway, a table tennis is upright and play surfaces are clear. If you put it against a wall, you can push it easily. When standing next to a table or billiard wall, uncertain objects can be compromised. It could leave scratches and damage a lot the playing surface.
  • Easiest way to take care of your ping pong club table is to wrap within ping pong table covers waterproof. Can be used for both outdoor and indoor, this is the only effective way to keep table ping pong outdoor in good condition, protected and clean.

4. Homyl - Heavy-Duty ping pong table covers waterproof

ping pong table cover - Homyl
  • Ping Pong table cover, with 8 eyelets and string for a safer hold great protection
  • Color is available in dark green
  • Best resistant to wind, rain, dust, UV rays, heat, cold
  • Dimensions of Ping Pong Table Cover For Pool Table: 185 cm L, 70 cm W, 165 cm H
  • Can precisely fit on the ping game table, no wrinkles and no water increase
  • Polyethylene – very easy to wash

Verified Purchase

Heavy duty, moisture resistant, side zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. Best out there by far. Look no further! ?

5. COVERS & ALL - Waterproof ping pong table top material

ping pong table cover - COVERS & ALL
  • It helps avoid damage. Each deck is equipped with ventilation openings for breathability.
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor ping games - ping pong table covers for sale
  • This 100% UV resistant fabric protects against rain, sun, snow and dirt. It does not break evenly in cold weather.
  • Ping pong table cover for beer pong provide all weather resistant, durable PVC fabric for maximum protection.
  • Waterproof brush with European sewing tape technology to prevent any type of leakage.
  • Manufacturer's warranty for 3 years warranty. Protect the entire PATIO furniture collection with high quality covers and covers.
  • This ping game protection cover is very easy to clean. You can spray them with water and let them dry in the sun. Wipe the barrel in the sun for next use. It deals with simple removal.

Verified Purchase

it's a little big for our particular table but love the straps to tie it to the table to keep it from flying away on an outdoor table!

6. iiSPORT Table Tennis Table Cover - ping pong table cover amazon

ping pong table cover - iiSPORT
  • This table tennis table covers fit most folded up outdoor or indoor ping pong tables.
  • Heavy duty table cover material which makes it enough thick & sturdy to last longer. Best resistant to sunlight, rain, snow.
  • Dimensions of ping pong table covers waterproof: 64" W x 27" D x 72" H
  • No need to worry the strong windstorms and rain. Even if you have somewhere to store indoors like a garage you should get this to protect from moisture and dust accumulation. Sit back and enjoy storage time!
  • You will find outdoor ping pong table cover very easy to put on and take off because of size zipper style. If you want to keep your ping pong table clean and last many years, this ping game table cover does the job!
  • Functionality of snug-fit buckle, straps and Windproof Air Vent System - The durable windproof design of bottom buckle straps, sticky pad and drawstrings allows you adjust the cover.
  • It stays firmly attached to your ping pong game table. Even more, air vent in front and back side can reduce inside condensation and wind lofting.
  • We dedicate to providing our customers preferably with satisfactory products and servicing more intimately.

Verified Purchase

I bought this product to cover our tennis table, it fit perfectly and good material to protect of rain and dust.

Protect Your Ping Game Table With A Ping Pong Table Cover

Usually, the ping pong club tables are not covered with anything. Old ping game tables were stationary and their legs can be folded like a card table. Tables were not folded as new tables on the market in half and easily stored vertically.

If you have already bought a ping pong table or want to buy a table tennis table. Then you know that a useful accessory for this game table is tablecloth for ping pong table to protect your expensive ping game table.

What is the value of ping pong table top material?

Best outdoor ping pong table cover is most important accessory that every player must have. It plays an important role in protecting and maintaining the table. Table tennis games are very important that the table of the highest quality is played. Therefore, it is very important that the ping pong ball players understand the features of high quality ping pong table cover.

7. SIRUITON - ping pong table covers for sale – Ping game table

ping pong table cover - SIRUITON
  • 420D Polyester Material Table tennis durable cover
  • Compatibility of waterproof ping game table cover – 165 Length cmx 70 Width cm x 185 height cm
  • It protects your ping outdoor game table when not used, and it costs dust and dust
  • Check if the dimensions of the furniture and appliances are well adjusted. Universal design for table tennis tables of different styles and brands.
  • Double tablecloth for ping pong table, strong friction resistance, with pull
  • 60 day cash back guarantee and 9 month warranty

Verified Purchase

I spent more time than should've been legally sane, looking for a good cover for our ping-pong table. Came across this cover and decided to give it a go. Love it! The fabric is nice and thick. The zipper feels really sturdy. There's 4 buckles on the bottom to really hold this cover in place. I'm definetly checking out the other covers they make.

8. CoverMates – best outdoor ping pong table cover

ping pong table cover - Covermates
  • Size of covermates ping pong table cover – Designed specially to fit 98 Width x 54 Depth pool tables
  • Material used in making: Made with 12 vinyl measuring 12 measurements
  • Best features provide: Polyester liner for additional stability - Protects the table during dust, animals and water.
  • Guaranteed 12 year manufacturer warranty

Verified Purchase

Fits Stiga folding tables from Dicks Sporting Goods nicely. Material thickness feels nice and durable. Side zipper easy to zip up and down. Material is slightly rubberized to help durability and protect from the elements - not just bare nylon or thin plastic.

9. CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table Cover Waterproof

CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table Cover
  • SIZE: Designed for folding table tennis table with a total length of 60W x 28D x 60H
  • FEATURES: Light fabric for assembly and easy transfer, with double seam for durability – 4 buckle straps for all 4 corners
  • MATERIALS: Polyester water repellent 300D - our most popular material!
  • Thanks to the polyester lining, fittings and maintenance are very easy. We even focused the fabric in the corners to avoid holes and cracks in the seam.
  • This covermates ping pong table cover is 12 measurement vinyl that protects your board from trash, dust and even pet hair.
  • To protect you from the wind, we have to install loopbands in the four corners, so you will not be away.
  • We guarantee the quality of our ping game table covers with a 2 year warranty.

Verified Purchase

I'm really happy with my ping pong cover "CoverMates" to cover my Cornilleau 700M CrossOver. Comparing to other brandnames like Cornilleau, Kettler, etc. the CoverMates is really cheaper than (e.g. Cornilleau costs over $100.00, but it gets an average review: not durable, easy to get torn, etc. My CoverMate has zipper at the bottom so it's really useful to keep the cover stay in place instead of "gone with the wind". The only thing I can "complain" is that the color: CoverMate is just available in black. I'm really happy if it can be in blue, gray, or green that matches to the color of ping pong table (in my case, Cornillau 7010M Crossover is gray).

10. ZRB Veranda - Tablecloth for ping pong table - Patio Table Tennis Table Chair Cover

ping pong table cover - ZRB
  • Be sure to measure your ping pong game table before selecting the size of the cover.
  • Ping pong table covers 100% waterproof guaranteed with sealed seams.
  • Resistant to UV rays and strong enough to prevent rain, snow, hail, dust, leaves and birds dirt.
  • Made of Oxford's high quality 210D fabric with vinyl support that is environmentally friendly.
  • The well-ventilated openings remain open on both sides to prevent wind, plastic bottles and elastic drawings.
  • It is attached to the bottom of the table, especially in strong wind and weather conditions.
  • Full coverage with 100% UV-resistant design prevents Ping pong club game table from sun exposure and gives a fresh look.

Verified Purchase

This cover is so well made I plan to buy another cover for my air hockey table too, its thick but not heavy and very well made, if something ever went wrong with this cover, without hesitation I would buy the same one in a heartbeat

Value and Need of WaterProof Ping pong table covers

Everyone cannot filter the ping pong table covers for sale on the rest. It requires a lot of experience. First of all, it is important to know that it is not essential for a brand to provide high quality table ping pong outdoor and the best outdoor ping pong table cover. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the brand that specializes in these conditions. Kettler can be a good example in this regard.

Best outdoor ping pong table cover are mainly used to protect the table from dust and dirt. But when it comes to table ping pong outdoor, first thing to check that it should be waterproof. Indoor ping game tables are also important because they have waterproof properties. The best suggestion is to cover the ping ​​​​game table. It is obvious as it will also fit the indoor table.

Advantages of outdoor ping pong table cover

  • The best thing about a waterproof ping pong table cover amazon is that they are made of waterproof, UV resistant materials that meet the highest standards.
  • It is important to learn about UV protection features, as UV rays can seriously damage the tables.
  • A good waterproof table ping pong outdoor can even guarantee users full protection against snow.
  • Using a good outdoor ping pong table cover, decreases the tension about the storage of this table.
  • In case, do not have a special storage room or sports room, you can ensure that a ping pong table in the garage is sheltered with such coverage.
  • In case, do not have a special storage room or sports room, you can ensure that a ping pong table in the garage is sheltered with such coverage.
  • Waterproof ping pong table cover for pool table can also ensure the safety of game table against all factors such as mildews, dirt and UV rays.

11. VORCOOL - Oxford Cloth Indoor Outdoor

ping pong table cover - VORCOOL
  • This ping pong table covers for sale is a best accessory to protect ping game table from wear and tear.
  • Size of ping pong club table cover is 165 L x 70 width x 185 depth in cm.
  • PROTECT AND STORE your upright Ping Pong or Table Tennis Table.
  • VORCOOL tablecloth for ping pong table offers accurate fit, no wrinkles on table and no water accumulation.
  • Color available: Black
  • Material used in making: Oxford cloth waterproof
  • Easy to wash ping pong table top material - polyethylene Oxford.
  • Best resistant to dust, wind, rain, heat, UV rays and cold.

Verified Purchase

This cover is great! Looks nice and the side zipper makes it easy to put over my ping pong table without any help from another person.

12. ZHANWEI - best outdoor ping pong table cover 2019

ping pong table cover - ZHANWEI
  • Different sizes are available – 165 length x 70 width x 185 height
  • Material used for making: Oxford fabric (high density fabric, chemical odor, waterproof, UV resistant, cold-resistant, breathable, non-fading).
  • Easy to clean Red sun protection light and Foldable fabric
  • Functionality of Waterproof PVC coating with high resistance, resilient resistance and cold resistance.
  • Finest UV protection, light heat, anti-aging and anti-static properties.
  • Dustproof, windproof, rainproof, sun protection, thickness, thermal insulation, tear resistance, translucency, soft and smooth.
  • Protects table ping pong outdoor against rain, snow and frost and birds dirt.

Verified Purchase

I bought this product to cover our tennis table, it fit perfectly and good material to protect of rain and dust.

13. Mitef - Best Indoor/Outdoor Ping pong table cover waterproof 2019

ping pong table cover - Mitef
  • Dimensions of ping pong table covers for sale – 61” Width x 29.5" Depth x 59" length
  • Available color: Black
  • Unique design for all ping pong club tables
  • Waterproof polyester and PVC material used in making which protects the ping pong table from dirt, moisture and dust.
  • All buckle strains are on the 4 corners for added stability. These ping pong table covers waterproof sides are an easy-to-use zipper part.
  • Special air vents, help to keep table ping pong outdoor from cold, dry and free from mildew and mold.
  • Easy to use and fit – cover the complete table perfectly when folded.

Verified Purchase

There is nothing wrong. I thought it will cover once the table is flat

How to play ping pong Game – Beginner’s Guide

  • 1
    Find a partner to play with - You can play one-on-one game, two teams of 2 persons, which is well-known as doubles.
  • 2
    Learn how to grip the paddle - 2 common styles of gripping the paddle: 1. Penhold - the pen grip and 2. The shakehand grip.
  • 3
    1. Penhold - the pen grip and 2. The shakehand grip.
  • 4
    Decide who serves first – It is selected by flipping the coin or drawing straws.
  • 5
    Serve the ball. Behind the baseline, the ball must be thrown at least 16 cm from the free hand in the vertical direction. Then he must be hit with the bat so that he touches your table side once over the net and hit your opponent's side.
  • 6
    Return the ball. The ball can be turned over to any point on the opposite side of the opponent. The ball must be turned over once it bounces off your side, but before it rebounds twice or touches the ground or an object off the table.
  • 7
    Score points. Each point is awarded a point that is not much, and every opponent can earn a point regardless of his service.
  • 8
    Win the game.
  • 9
    Play again

10 Key Tips to Advance Your Table Tennis Game

  • 1
    Find out what spin is on the ball
  • 2
    Compensation to turn to your club angle
  • 3
    Use your whole body as you progress on your pre-empt
  • 4
    Maintain good preparation
  • 5
    Practice your move until they are in flow
  • 6
    Use your own table tennis racket
  • 7
    Develop sidespins
  • 8
    Keep your return low on the net
  • 9
    Practice more and more
  • 10
    Get a table tennis training / exercise partner


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