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What are high quality patio furniture glides?

Patio furniture glides are necessary to use when furniture is made of metal materials. Metal furniture legs that move again and again can cut into the floor and cause wicked marks or scratches. They can even tear the carpet. Repair of damaged floors can be time consuming and expensive.

To avoid damage, make sure that furniture and chairs are covered with the best patio furniture plastic glides. Felt furniture glides are ideal for smooth floor and shiny surface. It helps to protects wood floors and furniture. Plastic or nylon skates work well with tiles.


Why use best Outdoor furniture plastic glides?

We expect a lot from iron furniture glides. They must do their work effectively and at the same time they are an integral part of the general concept. We often need them to work impeccably and discreetly throughout the life of the furniture.

Patio furniture plastic glides are often part of the design of new furniture. Where the development involves extensive studies of the design and function of furniture designers and manufacturers. They can also be purchased as finished products for use in existing furniture.

In the case of furniture rarely moved or exposed to easy use, the choice of sliding furniture is less important. But especially with regard to chairs, choosing patio furniture stainless steel glides is important and requires special attention.


Patio furniture accessories such as high quality patio furniture glides are available in market in mention materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • TPE
  • POM (natural)
  • Felt (various qualities, natural or dyed)
  • PE (natural or dyed)
  • PP (natural or dyed)
  • PA (natural or dyed)
  • PTFE (natural or dyed)
  • PVC-P (soft; natural or dyed)
  • Steel (nickel- or chrome-plated)


What furniture glides can do, and what they can’t do? 

Patio furniture stainless steel glides furniture is subjected to normal wear and split. They should be inspected and maintained regularly, especially when used with fine floors. There is no single furniture glide for all types of floors. Although some materials can be used on all types of floors, this is always at the expense of durability or functional incompatibility.

The durability of the furniture slide depends largely on the choice of the right type of slip. Here are the following factors important:

  • The surface that the slider rests on or the slider in the load itself
  • Correct selection of slide material: This should be suitable for floor type
  • Shape and type of use
  • Color of slide


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Shop by glide type which fits best your Patio furniture

1. Project Patio – 1-1/2 diameter – Deluxe Wrought Iron – Cheap patio furniture glides

project patio - patio furniture glides

  • Outdoor patio glides for chairs and table legs
  • Available in black color
  • Slide for 1-1 / 2 “patio chair
  • Mounted inside the metal cup at the base of the chair or table leg, the outdoor furniture of the wrought iron
  • 1-1/2″ inner diameter
  • Be sure to measure the inside diameter of the wiper cup where the slide is to be installed.
  • The common size is 1.5 inches
  • Heavy duty non-scratching outdoor iron furniture glides
  • Easy to install than non-luxurious versions.
  • Helps protect the surface of the terrace, the legs on the terrace chair and the terraces from damage.
  • Provides a softer and more soundproof furniture movement.
  • The package contains 24 spare parts for furniture covers.

2. Forever Glides – Outdoor furniture glides – 1-1/2″ diameter

Forever Glides - patio furniture glides

  • Available at a lower price from other providers who do not offer free bonus delivery.
  • There will be a small space around the edge when used in a 1-1 / 2 “cup
  • The actual diameter is 1-7 / 16 “
  • Self-leveling to ensure smooth contact with the ground
  • Available in black color
  • Made with Delrin’s durable material which lasts longer
  • Easy to install; No tools, tape or glue are required
  • Made in the United States
  • Pack of 24 pieces


3. Shepherd Hardware – 24PK 1-1/2 WHT Chair Cup

Shepherd Hardware - patio furniture glides

  • Round white plastic glides for the feet of outdoor furniture
  • Fits on bottom of patio furniture leg
  • Helps to protect both floor and furniture from sharp edges or feet
  • Internal diameter of 1-3/8 inch
  • Made to fit inside 1.5 inch diameter metal cup on bottom of chair leg


4. Sunniland Patio – 1-1/2 Deluxe Wrought Iron Chair Glide – patio furniture stainless steel glides – Pack of 16 pc

Sunniland Patio - patio furniture glides

  • Patio furniture metal glides fits 1-1 / 2 ” inside diameter on the feet of outdoor furniture.
  • Always remove old metal or debris from the old hood – Before measurement and assembly.
  • Protects the surface on the terrace, the legs on the terrace chair and the terraces from damage.
  • Available in black
  • Enables furniture movement so that garden furniture slides over the surface of the platform.
  • Slide is mounted inside the metal cup under the chair or table.
  • Be sure to measure the inside diameter of the cup to buy the correct slip.


5. Agio – patio furniture leg caps – International 002 Leg Cap – diameter 1-1/2″

Agio - patio furniture glides

  • Cheap patio furniture glide in high quality
  • To provide best care to the floor or deck, put these on the feet of the table or chair legs
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Include 4 pc in each pack
  • Inner diameter of 1-1/2″



6. Abacus Swivel Chair Parts – (#1719-17) Table or Chair Outdoor Glide 1-1/4 White. 17 Pack

Abacus swivel - patio furniture glides

  • Easy to Install – just take measurement of inside cup diameter.
  • Furniture glide available in diameter of 1 1/4″
  • Round in shape, white in color and plastic material
  • Fits iron metal furniture 1 1/4″ Pad
  • Not for hollow cylindrical legs
  • Press fit weld cup and insert glide
  • Pack of 17 pcs.



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7. Forever Glides – Iron glide 1-1/4″diameter – 24 pc in 1 pack – Black color

Forever Glides; For Iron Black

  • The actual diameter is of 1-3 / 16 “
  • A little space left around the edge when used in a 1-1 / 4 “cup.
  • Durable Delrin material lasts longer
  • Self-leveling to ensure smooth contact with the ground
  • Helps prevent damage to the terrace and the floor of the platform
  • Available at a lower price from other providers who do not offer free bonus delivery.
  • Made in United States outdoor furniture glides


8. Do4U – Screw On Furniture Glide Leveling Foot Adjuster for Furniture Legs M6 Thread (10pcs, M6 x 17mm)

Do4u - patio furniture glides

  • Can easily be used under tables, chairs, desks, and variety of other furniture stuffs.
  • Easy to install and adjustable height according to your need
  • M6 combination for the 6 mm hole.
  • Round plastic bottom will not cause damage or scratches on the floor.
  • Thread Size : M6 x 17mm/ 0.31″ x 0.67″ (D*L)
  • Base Diameter : 20mm/ 0.8
  • Total Height of 27mm / 1.0
  • Made with Metal and Plastic
  • Pack contains 10 Leveling Foot cups

9. Craftsmind – Furniture Threaded Stem Leveling Foot Adjuster – best patio furniture plastic glides

craftsmind - patio furniture glides

  • Thread Size is of M8x20mm/0.3″x0.75″(diameter and length)
  • Base Diameter : 27mm/ 1.18″
  • The leveling foot is for household light duty furniture.
  • Can be used on conference room tables, outdoor patio furniture and restaurant furniture
  • Plastic round base design protect from scratches to your floors.
  • Easy to install in seconds and adjust height as your need.

10. Desunia – Medium Duty Nylon Table & Furniture Levelers – cheap patio furniture glides – Adjusts from 0″ to 9/16″ – White – 4 Pack

Desunia - patio furniture glides

  • Much stronger – Each leg can support 100 lbs
  • Set of 4 pc can handle furniture as heavy as 400 lbs.!
  • Patio furniture glides rubber is an inconspicuous 1″ in diameter and is kind to hardwood floors!
  • Adjustment – Each leg can be adjusted from 0″ to 9/16″
  • Plenty for even the most out-of-whack floors!
  • Easy installation setup – Drill a 5/16″ hole in each corner, tap in T-nuts, and screw in leveler and it is done
  • 4 white patio furniture leg caps and 4 T-Nuts in each pack

11. Antrader – Patio furniture glides – Desk Glide Leg Leveler Leveling

Antrader - patio furniture glides

  • Foot Adjuster – 23mm Base Diameter
  • Base Height is of 6mm/0.24″
  • Outdoor furniture glides rubber colors are black and bronze
  • Made with plastic and metal material
  • Net Weight: 112g
  • Package Content: 16 pieces Leveling Foot
  • Total Size: 25 x 23mm/1” x 0.9″
  • Thread Size: 18 x M6mm/0.65″ x 0.23″

12. Bettli – Patio furniture accessories – Furniture Glide Leveling caps – 1-inch x 5/16″ diameter

Bettli - patio furniture glides

  • High Quality Material used to make plastic and metal
  • Colors available in brown and sliver
  • Iron furniture glides are made from stainless steel!
  • Length of stud is of 5/8″
  • Brown nylon non-skid base – 1″ diameter of base
  • Easy to install on the wood furniture which includes chair and table legs, useful.
  • Screw in patio furniture metal glides designed to protect floors and keep patio furniture legs from wearing.
  • Make sure you are ordering for the correct slide size to fit your furniture.
  • Pack of 16 pc
  • Adjustable glide caps for furniture Legs

13. Uxcell – Nylon Furniture Chair Table Leg Feet Protector Pad Glide Nail 24mm White (Pack of 100)

Uxcell - patio furniture glides

  • Available color are white and silver
  • Made with high quality material of nylon and metal
  • Number of Items are 100
  • Size of furniture glides are 24 x 22mm/0.94″ x 0.87″(diameter and height)


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