Trendy Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


There are a lot of Outdoor kitchen ideas, to make your kitchen look elegant and trendy. Outdoor kitchens are very in nowadays. You can easily feed your hungry housemates or friends.

The best Outdoor kitchen idea is to utilize your backyard or terrace building a beautiful kitchen as you like

Appliances for Outdoor Kitchen:

Outdoor Grill Island:

outdoor kitchen ideasIt serves as the best small outdoor kitchen space to prepare any kind of meals. Outdoor grills can be easily purchased, you can design them later.

Buying an outdoor grill island is good for people who keep on shifting to new places. Many people pay a proper attention to designing an area for grills.

Barbecue Grill or Barbecue Island for Outdoor Kitchens: outdoor kitchen ideas

Grilling is fun when you have a proper appliance for it. Grills are the new trend for outdoor kitchens, but a barbecue grill in an indoor kitchen does not make any sense.

There should be a proper grill area in the outdoor kitchens. The idea of a barbecue grill makes it look more urban.

People love to have a barbecue as a party meal or they also can arrange for a barbecue night just as a family togetherness thing.

So adding grills to your Outdoor kitchens interiors is a really good idea.

Oven for Outdoor Kitchen ideas:

The oven is must to have in your outdoor kitchen. Now it depends on your choice that what type of oven you want to place in your kitchen. You can have:

  • pizza oven
  • electric drawer
  • gas oven
  • electric oven
  • wooden oven

The above mentioned different varieties are made by different things like a pizza oven is usually made of stainless steel. Likewise, others are made differently, but try to build your own oven.

Wooden Oven:

outdoor kitchen ideas

Pizza Oven:

outdoor kitchen ideas

Outdoor Sink:

Outdoor sinks are just like the counterparts of the indoor sinks. The only difference is in the outdoor kitchen design. There are different styles and the size varies:Outdoor kitchen ideas

Single bowl sinks


20 to 12 inch
Two basins of different size


Offset or 60/40
Two bowls of different size


Three Basins


Two large ones and one for disposing uses

Outdoor Fire Place:

outdoor kitchen ideas


As food is the heart of a party and kitchen is the heart of a house, everything should be best placed or made. What fun is to have a fireplace around your outdoor kitchen? won’t cooking be more fun?

You can switch from urban ways to rural ways. Outdoor cooking is entertaining itself, but with good equipment and appliances around it becomes more entertaining.


Cabinets in the Outdoor kitchen:

outdoor kitchen ideas


Outdoor kitchen cabinets add style and space to your interiors. You get a good outdoor kitchen design of your backyard outdoor kitchen. The Cabinets can be crafted or be in some other form.

Usually, they are made from stainless steel, but they can also be made from bamboo or stamped tin. These cabinets can be grill master’s closest buddy as all the food items can be stored in them.


Green Egg in an Outdoor kitchen:

outdoor kitchen ideas


An outdoor kitchen is nothing else but an open view side of the countryside. Place the green egg, fireplace and gas grill together. It will give your backyard or terrace kitchen a really nice look.


Countertops for Outdoor Kitchen:

Selecting a countertop or a surface for your outdoor kitchen look can be the trickiest. The material of an outdoor kitchen countertop should be good. outdoor kitchen ideas

  • stone
  • slate
  • porcelain

Also, keep in mind your budget to buy any of the appliances. They are also useful as you can sit around them and give a classic dining area look. You can put a snack on it as well.

It makes your outdoor kitchen look more beautiful.


Outdoor Room:

outdoor kitchen ideas

You can easily convert your outdoor kitchen as your outdoor room by placing proper sitting. The idea to have a television while you cook, grill or just sit for eating is quite different and unique.

This outdoor room can be made at the backyard of your house, on the patio, or on your rooftop which is enhanced by nothing but greenery.

Kitchens in open are so entertaining as you can have hot grilled food served immediately at your plates. A sound system can also be organized under the pergola.

As food is the heart of a kitchen, don’t you think it should be enjoyable? The only reason people opt for outdoor kitchen is not just to have food, but also enjoy it to the core.


outdoor kitchen ideas

Pergola which is also known as a roof design (shelter) is nice as you can have an outdoor and open kitchen but also have shelter to be safe.

It is helpful also because if there is rain or snow, you will always have a shelter to be secured in. They are usually connected with the counter and the sitting counters.


Designs for Outdoor Kitchen:

In recent years, the interest to design your outdoor kitchen has been in thoughts. People want to give their Kitchens an upper-class look. They want to fill their indoor or outdoor kitchens with appliances and decor which are just lavish.

outdoor kitchen ideas

You can buy outdoor kitchen kits and add up those to your backyard or patio. Modular kitchen kits have accessories such as stainless steel cabinets, refrigerators and customize countertops.

You can still have a custom look even if your outdoor kitchen kits are prefabricated. The outdoor kitchen is a self-made project of your own, where you can just have a concept and design your kitchen by yourself. Some of the designs are:

outdoor kitchen ideas

outdoor kitchen ideas

outdoor kitchen ideas

Landscape Design:

Kitchen format including the numerous essential outlines beneath shows the fundamentals of packs and other assembled components. However, it doesn’t address how these different spaces are utilized.

Proficient kitchen planner, Dawn Whyte of Lake Design Studio in Michigan gives us critical reasonable connections that are as important to an open-air satellite kitchen as they are on an inside kitchen rebuild.

Preparation zone:

This is frequently an island with a ledge, warming drawer, sustenance container stockpiling, cool stockpiling, sink, deplete board, waste, and inherent power towel gadget.

Cooking zone:

The broil is situated here. It also has side burners, smoker, and pizza.

Tidy up zone:

High temp water is basic here just like a trash transfer which enables plates to be cleaned however washed later inside.

Serving zone:

Ensure winning breezes won’t drive smoke from the barbecue toward this path.

outdoor kitchen ideas

Different types of counters for the outdoor kitchen:

Essential stand counter:

This is the easiest form of an open-air kitchen known as an “island”. These are accessible in pre-assembled units, packs or it might be worked starting with no outside help.

The magnificence of an island for some is access on every one of the four sides, which helps in course through flow.

With simply enough counter space for sustenance prepare and room beneath for a fridge, this alternative settles on the best decision for littler urban destinations.


U-shaped Counter:

outdoor kitchen ideas

There are sufficient counter and cupboard space here to incorporate all the most recent open-air machines and components.

Most importantly, the shape permits bar stools all around outside to give sustenance companions and organization until the point that the dinner is finished.

Split level:

This is a definitive decision for the cook who loves to mingle while getting ready sustenance.

This format can suit many bar stools around the external edge with adjoining feasting surfaces to change this design into a mix of bar and eating table.

For the individuals who adore lager and wine sampling, this can be the best decision of split-level counters for utilizing either at mealtime or at different circumstances when unique “tasting” occasions progress to an undeniable bar. outdoor kitchen ideas

Dining Essentials:

If a fireplace gives an old look, so the leather chairs and roundtable makes the outdoor kitchen more focal. Dining are also essentials because whoever wants to eat in open can have a proper place to enjoy the meal.

You can also place iron bar stools around the dining table. A refrigerator in the corner, green egg beside it, barbecue grill, oven on the slope. All of it makes your outdoor kitchen looks more exquisite.

outdoor kitchen ideas


You can spend anything you need on an outside kitchen, from $500 for an unattached flame broil and a moving side truck to $25,000 for a completely equipped cooking and engaging zone with worked in machines, stone ledges and a lot of space for visitors.

The vast majority will locate the ideal fit somewhere between these two extremes. Here are a couple of things to remember as you choose the amount you ought to spend on the venture.

  • where you live
  • what are your needs
  • what are your wants regarding your outdoor kitchen


The six most imperative elements to consider when choosing where in your yard to fabricate an outside kitchen are: The significance of making zones in your outside kitchen for different capacities, for example;

– nourishment.
– arrangement.
– cooking.
– feasting.

Suggested measurements for outside kitchen ledges, bar tops, feasting tables, and seat statures. Five regular formats for open-air kitchens and the qualities of each:

The alternatives for building the system, or base, for outside kitchen structures, including solid piece, block, wood or steel.

Benefits of utilizing assembled packs to construct an outside kitchen, alongside a rundown of assets. Counsel on picking clearing materials for your open-air kitchen “floor”.

Thoughts for conservative and space-accommodating inherent flame broils appropriate for little open-air kitchens. Plan thoughts for building a roofed structure over an open-air cooking zone to give security from sun and rain.

A correlation of the different material alternatives for open-air kitchen ledges, including solid, stainless steel, artistic tile, and stone.

Tips for adding a swim-up bar to a swimming pool, alongside proposals for seat and counter statures. Different apparatuses and cooking hardware you’ll have to make a completely utilitarian open-air kitchen.

For example, side burners, singe zones, irons, and warming drawers.

The main variables to consider while picking unsupported flame broils for an outside kitchen. Tips for choosing an inherent stainless steel barbecue for an open-air kitchen.

Your choices for beautiful polishes to complete to the outside dividers of an implicit barbecue. Cooler styles for open-air kitchens, including under-the-counter assortments with worked in drawers.

Tips for keeping up the hardware and surfaces in your open-air kitchen, including barbecues, stainless steel machines, and rock or stone ledges.

Open air kitchen can be a major speculation, however one that is certain to increase the value of your home. To get help choosing the best hardware, materials and design for your necessities, make certain to counsel with an expert.

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