6 Latest Modern Living Room Furniture Sets and Styles


Modern Living room furniture sets are the basic goal for a pleasant living room environment.
The Living room is a place where a family spends their entire day together for entertainment, eating, reading or working. Living rooms are supposed to be comfortable and cozy. 


Modern living rooms are necessary, so when people design their homes they make sure to have at least a modern small living room. It is a room where the whole family tends to spend their free time together. Modern furniture is the basic unit that ties up the whole modern sitting room together.

For perfect modern living room furniture sets we should follow the latest contemporary living room furniture styles. These styles will give you a new way to decor your ordinary living room into a modern living room.

Modern Contemporary Living Room Furniture Styles

​Following these styles will surely bring innovation into your living rooms!

1. French Style Modern Furniture

French Style has always been considered the symbol of bringing the royal touch. It is so elegant and beautiful that they really give a royal look. The French styled modern furniture is used for Formal modern living rooms.

Elegantly curved and carved wood that is used in this modern furniture gives the perfect look. Wood always brings the expensive touch but how it is used in French style furniture they give a complete royal look.
French style is the oldest way of decorating your home and still, it is completely in trend.

A few products are displayed to show you french style modern furniture!

Traditional French Style Walnut Finish Sofa

  • Beige Wavy Patterned Fabric.
  • Queen Anne Style Legs.
  • Walnut Finish.
  • With Accent Pillows.
  • Pillow dimensions: 90"L x 42"D x 51"H.
  • Item Weight: 225 pounds.
  • Sofa Dimensions: 90 inches x 42 inches x 51 inches.
  • All Products of Major-Q are with Warranty.

French Rugs

Modern living room rugs are the basic element in French style modern living rooms. They complete the look of beautiful modern furniture. And give a better presentable look. You can have a variety of rug styles. You can get a rug according to your taste and also according to your interior.

French Medallion Pastoral Light Blue Rug

  • 100% polypropylene.
  • French medallion with a floral border pattern.
  • Power loomed in Turkey, made to last for years.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Fade resistant. 
  • 100% jute backing is safe for wood floors. 
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Rug Dimensions: 6'7" x 9'3" x 0.7".
  • Color: Blue, beige and ivory with hints of green and red.
  • Handmade feel in machine-made prices.
  • Rug Weight: 32 pounds.
  • Also available in more colors and sizes.

French Mirrors

The French mirrors are the fanciest pieces. These are available in all lengths and sizes. They are as elegant as the rest of the French modern furniture. French mirrors add beauty to our ordinary walls. They are mostly placed behind the sofas or on the entrance wall.

Howard Elliott French Wall Mirror

  • Ornate Wall Focal Point Mirror.
  • Resin textured.
  • Framed hanging wall mirror. 
  • Decorative and detailed.
  • Color: Gold.
  • Edge is beautifully beveled.
  • D-rings are fixed at the back of the mirror for hanging.
  • Frame Dimensions: 27 inches x 38 inches x 1 inch.
  • Mirror Dimensions: 22 inches x 34 inches.
  • Framed Mirror Weight: 19 pounds.

Flowers pots enhancing French Styles

Flowers always bring a charming effect to your french modern living rooms! And the right flower pot is like glitter to the gold. Orchid Flowers are very elegant and can go with the French style easily. Large orchid pots can look great in a modern living room.

Vintage Ceramic Orchid Planter 

  • Ceramic Orchid Pot.
  • Well crafted.
  • Floral embossed design finish.
  • Variety of cheerful colors.
  • Round Shape.
  • Dimensions of pot: D5.5 inches x H 3.1 inches.
  • Package includes 1 ceramic planter.
  • The plant is not included.
  • Item Weight: 1 pound

2. Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Your living room has a visual appeal. Today, a large part of the population invests in modern furniture to improve the environment and provide maximum comfort. Many manufacturers have taken into account the needs of users and respond to a range of Contemporary Living Room Furniture. In fact, manufacturers make sure that the money invested by people gets the desired results.

Faux Leather 3-Piece Black Modern Sectional Sofa

  • Sofa upholstery material: Faux leather.
  • 3 piece faux modern sectional leather sofa set.
  • 2 square pillows.
  • With one free storage ottoman.
  • Right-facing modern sectional sofa.
  • Sectional sofa overall dimension: 105" x 76" x 33".
  • Chaise Left Arm: 74.5 W x 32 D x 35 H.
  • Sofa left Arm : 71.5 W x 32 D x 35 H.
  • Storage ottoman dimension: 35" x 24" x 16".
  • Overall Product Weight: 216 lbs.

The furniture in your modern living room reflects your attitude and personality towards modern life. This is the main reason why you should choose contemporary furniture with care, as it should reflect your personality.

You should also consider the color of the furniture when you buy since it is necessary that the furniture harmonize well with the interior of your home. In addition, the floor of your room should be aligned with the furniture to match the modern furniture and give your room the desired elegance.

Black Oak Square Coffee Rotating Table

  • Rotating top feature.
  • Wooden Oak coffee table.
  • Constructed of engineered wood.
  • Black oak in color.
  • Compliments most existing décor.
  • Minor assembly required.
  • Tools and instructions included.

Color is one of the factors to consider when buying Contemporary living room furniture sets.

Contemporary living room furniture is usually in basic colors, such as white, gray, brown and black.

In addition, the size of the furniture should be perfect. Take an exact measurement of your room and then buy furniture. This ensures that the furniture is neither too small nor too large. An incorrect calculation can cause you to leave your room with too much space or too narrow.

Glossy Black and White TV Console/Stand

  • Materials: Solid Wood, Chrome; Finish: Black & White, 12-mm Tempered Glass Coating.
  • Glossy Lacquer.
  • Thick, 12-mm tempered glass top.
  • Solidly supported by four chrome-plated posts.
  • Can accommodate TV up to 60-Inch.
  • Modern low profile dual-tier design.
  • Gives it a light and spacious look.
  • 2-spacious side drawers.
  • Glossy-lacquer finish.
  • A Mixture of black & white colors for contemporary furniture appeal.
  • Product Dimensions: 63 x 19.8 x 15.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 70 pounds

Contemporary living room furniture includes couches, dining tables, lounge chairs, coffee tables, recliners, and other hanging items. Some other design pieces are also available, which you can choose to decorate your room.

However, you must make sure that the furniture you choose is different and elegant and that you do not neglect any element to give your room an aesthetic look.A perfect arrangement of the furniture is also necessary because an inappropriate arrangement makes the room messy.

The combination of colors is an important factor in organizing contemporary furniture. A matching color combination and a systematic arrangement of the furniture will not only improve the look of your modern living room but also surprise the visitors with their attractive appearance.

Premium Leather Therapeutic Power Recliner

  • Neutral posture positioning evenly distributes body weight.
  • Helps to eliminate painful pressure points.
  • Zero-gravity seating expands lung capacity.
  • Extended Armrests.
  • Allowing for deeper and more relaxed breathing.
  • A revolution in zero-gravity seating.
  • Dual-motor power.
  • Independent Leg & Back Adjustability.
  • 5-Way Controller.
  • Sleek Ergonomic Pad Design.
  • Nickel-plated rails provide smooth recline.
  • Choose the comfort and style of SofHyde.
  • Battery Safety Feature.
  • Leather-like polyurethane material.
  • Hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base.
  • Made from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).
  • Result-rich that lasts for years.
  • Item Weight: 160 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions:43 x 31 x 47 inches.
  • Superior durability.
  • Sleek Ergonomic Pad Design.
  • Nickel-plated rails provide smooth recline.
  • Superior durability.

Adding a new contemporary living room furniture to your bedroom can also be a daunting task. You can seek advice from an expert in your area and ask for suggestions. Under your guidance and supervision, you can transform your traditional room into a modern room. So, it's obvious that the modern age.

3. Classic Furniture for Living Rooms

There is a difference in a home and a house. A house lacks the love that we let flow in it. A house is in which we have made a sincere effort to make it beautiful, comfortable and elegant. Imagine a house without furniture, tables, etc. Will not it be empty and incomplete? Well, that's why modern furniture is so important to make a house a house.

The modern living room is, therefore, an important aspect of any home. We spent most of our time in our living room. Whether you share a cup of tea with your wife or a loved one or watch television, the room offers many activities. For this reason, it is extremely important to choose the right type of furniture for the living room.

Linen Fabric Accent Chair

  • Large living room chair
  • Perfect for a reading book.
  • Just a relaxing corner of your home.
  • Hand-picked soft linen fabric.
  • Color: Dark gray.
  • Available in more vibrant colors. 
  • Muted colors best to fit your home decor.
  • Very comfortable
  • Classic and sleek design
  • Large in size.
  • Minor assembly required.
  • Instructions and hardware included.
  • With overstuffed backrest.
  • High-density foam seat cushion.
  • Provides long-lasting comfort.

There are many types of sofas, tables, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc. in the market. However, not all the tables and chairs can enter your modern living room. With the availability of metals and alloys, the modern living room furniture sets has undergone a great transformation.

Today, the furniture of the room is also visible in the variants of the metal and its alloys. The days when the furniture in the living room was synonymous with wooden furniture are over. This does not mean that the wooden furniture in the room has lost its brightness and value.

Kitts Velvet Modern Chesterfield Sofa Set - Sofa and Love-Seat

  • Material: Velvet.
  • A Sleek and Luxurious.
  • Sofa Requires Minor Assembly.
  • Weighs 77 lbs.
  • Perfect in Comfort.
  • Matching Bolsters.
  • Sleek Low-Rise Design. 
  • Over-sized Padding 
  • 2 piece set.
  • Kitts Chesterfield Sofa.
  • Love-seat Features a Beautiful Tufted Design.
  • Brilliant Red Velvet Upholstery.
  • Modern Chesterfield Sofa Dimensions: 78" L x 32.5" W x 32" H Weighs 94.6 lbs.
  • The Chesterfield Love-seat sofa Measures: 59" L x 32.5" W x 32" H
  • Love-seat also Requires Minor Assembly.

There are still many types of modern sofas and wooden sofas that will hypnotize you. In general, living room furniture usually includes sofas, a coffee table, futon chairs, a home theater system and perhaps showcases and sideboards.

The modern living room furniture includes bedside tables, futons, ottomans, and armchairs, etc. You must know the dimensions of your living room before you start buying living room furniture. If we only talk about sofas, we still have many options. There are many different materials used in the manufacture of sofas.

Living Room LED Floor Lamp

  • Easy to re-position due to its lighter weight.
  • Convenient on/off pedal switch.
  • 3,000 K warm white light creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • LED technology.
  • Bulb lasts 20 years (or 20,000 hours).
  • Comes with a full 3 years warranty.
  • The Weight of the lamp: 12 pounds.
  • With black or oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Metal Pole.
  • Wooden base.
  • A Weighted base that ensures stability.
  • Has a beautiful textural lamp shade.
  • The warm tone of the Montage lamp.
  • The Height of the lamp: 5 feet tall.
  • The Weight of the lamp: 12 pounds.
  • 5 Watt power-saving LED light.

Conventional wood is, of course, always dominant. But leather and other objects are also used to make formal living room sofa sets. The modern sofas can be installed easily.

Let's see some of the latest designs available. There are three-seater leather sofas; These leather sofas have the nice feature of the matching woodwork. These leather sofas have deep foam padding to not compromise comfort.

American Furniture Sedona Sleeper Classics Sofa- 4 Pieces

  • Leather-look solid color microfiber.
  • The Solid wood frame will last for years.
  • With lodge look cotton tapestry fabric.
  • Comfortable foam seat. 
  • 4 pieces sleeper sofa living room set.
  • For a comfortable seat, back cushions are wrapped with fiber.
  • Nail-head accents bring a rustic look.
  • Solid wood legs.
  • Item Weight: 525 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 88 x 36 x 37 inches.

In addition, you also have the option of buying two-seater leather sofas. The suites with sofas also include leather armchairs, stools, etc. Colors such as dark brown, ivory gold, silver, cream, black, pink, white, broken white, etc..

The same applies to low tables and chairs. Leather chairs, metal chairs, wooden chairs, etc. They are easily available. There are many online stores that deal with classic modern furniture.

4. Retro Living Room Furniture Design

The Retro theme is having a combination of different colors together. And the colorful modern furniture and styles. Interiors and retro-inspired living spaces have come back a bit in the last year. With bright colors like purple and pink presented as the hottest colors of 2014.

Retro Vintage Style Coffee Table

  • Coffee table with a retro design.
  • Elegant decorative patterns
  • With the high-quality MDF material.
  • Strong metal pin legs.
  • Color: Brown/Grey.
  • Ideal for placing coffee or tea sets.
  • For displaying potted plants and photo frames.
  • This retro design coffee table can be the focal point of your modern living room.
  • Can be used as a side table too.
  • Dimensions: 47.2"x 23.6"x 15".

The gold and silver details of the major trends in interior design next year, it's time to introduce a touch of charm. Retro in your living room.

While most modern homeowners banish old styles and retro styles into the kitchen, it's time to think beyond the obvious. Elegant and fashionable, the simple retro decor can often make a big difference in the atmosphere of any living space.

Major Q - Retro Styled Side Table

  • Material Type: Metal.
  • Metal top with 1 drawer.
  • Metal base with “X” crossbar supports.
  • Metal side glide drawer.
  • Dimensions of drawer: 18 x 15 x 22 inches.
  • Color: Light Blue.
  • Also available in more colors.
  • Products with Limited Warranty.

Going retro does not mean you have to go to the sea with bright colors and vivid designs.

Instead of opting for a complete retro theme, the most innovative style is to introduce impressive mid-century contemporary chairs, a fireplace of balls, patterned carpets or selected retro pieces that accentuate the contemporary style of your home. 

Get out of the ordinary with fabulous and inspiring images that will guide you in the right direction.

Safavieh - Premium Shag Rug Collection

  • Number 1 selling shag rug.
  • Now available in 20 fashionable colors.
  • Plush texture.
  • Cozy and luxuriously.
  • With 2-inch pile thick height.
  • Non-shedding polypropylene fibers.
  • Easy-care.
  • With power-loomed construction.
  • Dimensions: 4 inches x 6 inches.
  • Crafted in Turkey.
  • Styled for Modern living rooms.
  • Color: Gray.

The effect of the colors increases the designs of chandeliers and furniture, as well as interesting patterns of colorful wallpaper. Retro furniture cannot be easily combined with all other styles and does not seem intrusive.

If you consider yourself a bit older and love retro-themed series and movies, now is the time to look for hidden fortunes in the basement and bring a retro touch to Inside the modern living room! Have fun!

5. Country Cottage Style Design

The interior has come a long way and people are becoming more aware of the interior, whether at home or in the office. Modern furniture is an integral part of every Modern sitting room.

One of the most popular is the Cottage style of furniture. The only thing that makes rural style furniture is the mix of old and contemporary. The interiors have a perfect and comfortable look with these cottage style furniture.

Flower Pattern Accent Chair

  • Set includes One accent chair.
  • Materials: Fabric and wood.
  • Finish Color: Cappuccino.
  • Fabric Color: Multi-Color.
  • Type of fabric pattern: Flower woven fabric.
  • Requires a little assembly.
  • Clean polyfills 1.8 density foam.
  • Pocket coil seating.
  • Sinuous spring base.
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 36.5 x 30.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 62 pounds

Country style furniture is often whitewashed. They are usually painted in sage, cream or white. They include prints and patterns. Typical forms of cottage style furniture include the shutter and the rod. These styles go very well with a panel design.

The decorative pieces of the country house style are generally popular, birch, white pine, and oak. For those who want to have that vintage look with that romantic and laid-back feel of home, the cottage-style furnishings create that perfect environment.

TUBEROSE - Round Tablecloth

  • Material: Polyester.
  • Crafted of import quality faux linen fabric.
  • With a soft and smooth surface.
  • The color of tablecloth:Cream-colored with blue stripes.
  • 60 inch round tablecloth.
  • Seats 2-4 people.
  • Color fade resistant. 
  • Waterproof and leak-proof. 
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Help to protect your tables and furniture.
  • Machine wash with cold water.

Again, a common piece of furniture can be used in several configurations, which can turn the current look into a much more attractive look. For example, using an old country style bench as a coffee table can change the overall look of the interior.

A wicker rocking chair in a bedroom changes the visual appeal of the room. The cottage theme can be enlivened by the incorporation of rustic style furniture.

Rose White and Blue Vine Temple Table Lamp

  • Overall Dimension: 25 inches high.
  • The Dimension of Shade: 12 inches across the top x 15 inches across the bottom x 10 inches high.
  • Uses 150-watt standard base bulb.
  • The a Bulb is not included.
  • On/off socket switch.
  • Color: Blue and white rose.
  • temple jar table lamp.
  • A Barnes and Ivy design.
  • Vine pattern.
  • Crackle ceramic finish. 
  • Polyester fabric shade.
  • White bell lamp shade.
  • Item Weight: 10.8 pounds.

The country cottage look goes best with French and English furniture. Country house furniture can also be used creatively to decorate houses along the beach.

Modern furniture such as chairs and sofas can also be combined with many pillows on colorful, floral, striped or plaid fabrics. Pastel shades are usually the best in the cabin environment. Pink, blue or green tones are always welcome, although white is still the most popular.

6. Modular modern living room furniture sets

The only limit you have to face is the size of the apartment if you have chosen modern living room furniture. With the wide selection of decoration of the living room in a Modular style, you do not have to worry about the suites that do not suit you, because Mix and Match are the solutions.

Some like to be minimalist and this has its appeal, as long as it does not extend to the simple and incomplete. With modern furniture, it can be elegant and comfortable.

HERCULES - Melrose White Leather 5 Piece Chair and Ottoman Set

  • Modular sofa sets for living room.
  • Add on pieces, as your business grows.
  • Modular components.
  • Make re-configuring easy with endless possibilities.
  • Features:
  • Straight Arm Design.
  • Smooth Back.
  • Fixed Tufted Seat. 
  • Back Cushions.
  • Item Weight: 225 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 29 inches.
  • Color: Melrose White.

If you like the appeal of polished natural wood, you should design the longest wall of your living room in the modular style of fine teak wood.

Consider a parquet finish to be different. Four or five well-designed Modular modern living room furniture will cover all your storage and display needs.

White Combination Convertible TV Console & Bookcase

  • Set includes One TV console & bookcase combination
  • Materials: hollow board and Engineered veneer.
  • Finish Color: White.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • Weight limit: 22 lbs per shelf.
  • Number of shelves: 3-5 pieces.
  • Product Dimensions: 47.2 x 15.2 x 22 inches.
  • Item Weight: 71.5 pounds.

A tall and elegant glass window, whose interior is strategically illuminated by small focusing lamps, would highlight its fragile exhibitions. A library with a simple and aerodynamic music system cabinet, a TV stand underneath, a set of DVD drawers with a niche for the DVD player and an elegant bar cabinet.

Wooden Coffee Table Set of 3

  • Nesting Coffee Table.
  • Inverted triangle metal stent table legs. 
  • Material: High-quality metal. 
  • With resisting foot pad preventing the legs wear & tear.
  • This protects the floor.
  • Also increase the stability.
  • Original wood texture.
  • Smooth curved corner round edge .
  • Item Weight: 24.2 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 21.9 inches x 17.8 inches x 21.9 inches.

You can play with this arrangement to create a new image as many times as you want while storing all your belongings in an accessible installation. A coffee table, also in teak parquet, is placed in the center of the room on a rug with geometric designs, with the number of seats you could wish for.

A low modern sofa, an ottoman and carefully placed pillows would be very elegant. Put some large ferns in interesting pots next to the wall units.

All of these styles and themes mentioned above are for your ease so you can have Modern living room furniture sets accordingly. You can always bring innovation with a little help.

You can always trust the web for decorating ideas for living room. And you can buy cheap modern living room furniture from amazon as well. Inexpensive contemporary furniture is easily available.

For more ideas visit Mysticdining.com 

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