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Importance of Large Wall Clocks Contemporary in Our Life

Large Wall Clocks Contemporary are not just for keeping and telling time. Decorative wall clocks are definitely functional, but they can also be elegant and fun. Using modern wall clocks amazon is an excellent way to add color, complement your decor or add a special touch to any room.


  • Choose from a variety of unique wall clocks for sale
  • Either online or at your reliable mid century modern wall clock store.
  • Choose large mantel clocks contemporary to add beauty and charm to your living room or dining room
  • Place large wall clocks contemporary for every room in your home.
  • Choose a fun and colorful beautiful decorative wall clock for your kitchen or games room
  • Look for a modern and contemporary design that will complement any room in your home or office.

1. Modern Abstract - Silver Functional Art - Large Wall Clocks Contemporary

large wall clocks contemporary - mysticdining
  • Accurate timekeeper
  • Size 38 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches (96.52 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • Quartz movement tested for time accuracy
  • Complement to any modern, contemporary or traditional home decor
  • Handmade unique wall clocks for sale with precision
  • Battery powered
  • Includes one AA battery
  • Comes ready to display
  • Fast and careful shipping
  • Free shipping

Verified Purchase

Absolutely gorgeous! There are no brown tones in it whatsoever but we knew that from reading other reviews. I wish there were but it's still a stunning piece of art!

2. Jon Allen Metal Art - large mantel clocks contemporary

john allen metal art lounge - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Available In 5 unique colors
  • Best for modern, contemporary or traditional home decor
  • Fascinating red ruby jewel color & black decorative wall clock
  • Size 24 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches
  • Simple hanging with pre-installed kind brackets
  • Tested for time accuracy
  • (60.96 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • Handmade mid century modern wall clock with precision
  • Battery powered and includes 1 AA battery

lori a. margeviciu

Verified Purchase

Just beautiful. I'm not sure what that one reviewer was talking about when he/she said the product had a paper front on the metal. This is all metal and high quality. I couldn't be happier with it. Looks great in our new, high-end kitchen.

3. Statements2000 - Large wall clocks contemporary

Statements2000 - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • 24 inches large wall clocks contemporary
  • 60.96 cm x 25.40 cm x 5.08 cm
  • Power on clock
  • Abstract Black and Red Metal Wall Art Decor
  • Accurate timekeeper
  • All pieces are handmade with precision

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

The return process was painless and seller was very responsive. Due to our experience (and quality of the clock we recieved) we looking at other products to order from this company.

4. BSCCB - Mirror Wall Clock - large wall clocks for living room decor 

BSCCB - large wall clock contemporary-min
  • 10 different beautiful designs are available
  • Removable Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Sticker Decoration
  • Acrylic Material used
  • Size dimensions: 40cm x 60cm
  • Make sure to clean the wall before pasting.
  • It is suggested to take a small piece of component test
  • Press firmly to squeeze out all air bubbles.

Verified Purchase

Mine was fantastic looks great on the wall for under 10.00 so I don't understand why people are so upset over this product. If you want something that looks nice, if you take your time. However, you have to get hands set just right for it to work properly was my only issue.

5. Statements2000 - Abstract Large Decorative Wall Clock - 31-inch

large wall clocks for living room decor - mysticdining-min
  • Handmade large wall clocks contemporary with precision
  • Size dimensions 31 inches x 13 inches x 2 inches
  • (78.74 cm x 33.02 cm x 7.62 cm)
  • Simple hanging with pre-installed kind brackets!
  • All modern wall clocks amazon are quartz movement
  • Battery powered mid century modern wall clock
  • Includes 1 AA battery
  • Best décor for living room, dining room and bedroom

Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

Love this piece!! It’s so unique and looks great on the wall. It was a little smaller than I expected but I truly love it.

What to Look when you buy large wall clocks contemporary?

Today, we have seen mid century modern wall clock that seem to fit with contemporary home decor. Large wall clocks for living room décor differ a little depending on the requirements or preferences. Large wall clocks with pendulum that are displayed in big rooms like the living room look perfect.

Smaller decorative wall clocks good in kitchens and other smaller rooms, while dining rooms can have small or medium wall clocks. The bed rooms need soft and luminous wall clocks. For an early morning wakeup call, some even need an alarm clock, such as moving the pendulum wall clocks.

Large wall clocks contemporary differentiate in many aspects, such as:

  • Design
  • Color
  • Purpose to use
  • Where to use

You can observe that various children like large wall clocks with pendulum, because the long pendulum oscillates and wants to put them to sleep looking at it. Beautiful decorative wall clocks are considered by many to be a statement of style. Major Benefits of having extra large wall clocks contemporary

  • Wall clocks are worth the money you made to buy
  • They simply add ambiance in a room.
  • Thematic wall clocks work very well in your children's room

Large Wall Clocks For Living Room Decor

6. Elikeable - Modern 3D Frameless large wall clocks for living room decor

Elikeable - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • 12 different designs are available
  • Long-term use without deformation
  • High-quality copper sleeve, guarantee clock needles long- term accuracy and stability
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy and Mirror Acrylic
  • Made with compact and high quality alloy material to make sure stability and accuracy
  • Super long clock pointer
  • Operated with AA 1.5V battery (Not included)
  • Suitable place: Living room, kids bedroom, outdoor, dining room, kitchen

​Kyle Zundel
Verified Purchase

This i must say was a great buy! It came quickly. Had instructions that were easy to understand and it went up fairly easily. Just make sure you have patience to put it up as it did take me a good half hour to out up on the wall and a previous half hour to put the plastic pieces on the foam pieces. Other than the patience it worked like a charm and i love it on my office wall!

7. CoZroom - extra large wall clocks contemporary

CoZroom - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Runs calm and smoothly.
  • Stylish and modern clock.
  • Comprehensible installation of the frameless clock.
  • The high-quality large wall clock engine
  • Adjust the clock to any room specific properties.
  • Easy extend or reducible gap between clock parts
  • Sizes of a clock is 39” x 39”
  • Minute hand measures 15.4”
  • Hour hand measure 12.2”
  • Centerpiece size 4.7”.

​Star White
Verified Purchase

This clock is beautiful. I cannot get over how pretty is. I love it. I’ll purchase another for another room. Instructions are pretty easy to follow. I used the instrument that came with the clock to find the digital positions of 12,3,6,9
And placed the other numbers in between. Fortunately it worked for me. IT IS HUGE TOO.... LOVE IT! Eek!!!

8. Statements2000 - Decorative Wall Clocks - Metallic Timepiece

Statements2000 - large wall clocks for living room-min
  • Silver & Black Abstract Clock Sculpture
  • Wall clock measures 38 inches x 17 inches x 2 inches
  • (96.52 cm x 43.18 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • Battery operated
  • Includes 1 AA battery
  • Hanging is simple with pre-installed brackets!
  • Free and fast shipping

​Kindle Customer
Verified Purchase

Have been looking at this artist's work for a time, and decided to acquire this piece. What made it a great fit was the open cutout that allowed my red wall to pop through, thus having the effect of making the piece 3-color. Also the nifty was the piece hangs on the way and the 2" of depth created give nice shadow effects. The piece reflect light in many way and is not very heavy.

9. NEOTEND - 3D Wall Clock - Unique wall clocks for sale

NEOTEND - large wall clocks contemporary
  • 64pcs Diamonds Decorative Clock
  • White in color
  • Size of large mantel clocks contemporary diameter is 25.6"
  • Dial diameter size is 9.5" /24cm
  • Handmade clock
  • Material used in making: iron frame, metal clock pointer, glass dial and diamond
  • Total weight approx. 6 lbs.
  • Suitable for all rooms.

​Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

The clock is better than the photo. Looks great on my wall. Keeps perfect time

10. Bulova - large wall clocks with pendulum - 18”

Bulova - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Works with 2 AA batteries
  • Batteries are not included in package
  • Two-tone wooden case
  • Protective convex glass lens
  • Brush aluminum pendulum
  • Stylized Arabic numerals
  • Walnut/Mahogany
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

​Thursday Trader
Verified Purchase

As most reviewers noted, this is an excellent clock. It’s attractive, well-built, keeps great time, and the pendulum swings well. What more could you want?

Large Wall Clocks With Pendulum

11. Seiko - Large wall clocks with pendulum

Seiko - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Wooden case
  • Analog Display
  • Metal pendulum
  • Case size in diameter: 147.3mm
  • Overall diameter: 147.3mm

JoeBrown ToolGuy
Verified Purchase

My wife ordered this for our living room. This clock is very stylish and has a contemporary look. We have had many "I like your clock" comments since we bought it and hung it. It seems well built and works fine.

12. Howard Miller - Large Wall Clocks 30 inch - Decorative Wall Clocks

Howard Miller - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Brushed nickel-finished pendulum
  • Require 2 AA batteries which are not included in package
  • Battery-operated movement
  • Black in color: hour & minute needle
  • Quartz decorative wall clocks
  • Depth 3 inches (7 cm)
  • Height 35 inches (88 cm)
  • Width 12 inches (30 cm)

Patti C.
Verified Purchase

Love this clock! I bought this exact one probably 20 years ago. Pendulum stopped working and I just had to get a new replacement. So glad I was able to find the exact same clock after all these years.

13. Oldtown Clocks - Large Wall Clocks 30 inch

Oldtown Clocks - large wall clocks contemporary-min
  • Rustic metal frame
  • Natural solid wood well-groomed
  • Original color may differ a little due to natural wood variants
  • Color of wood can be re-stained according to your preference
  • Difficult to hear ticking noise from almost 6 foot
  • Operated with AA battery required which is not included
  • High quality quartz movement
  • Modern wall clocks amazon diameter: 30”
  • (76cm) x 1-inch thick

Verified Purchase

In the other reviews stated it does come dark I took the six screws off the back sanded it for 15 minutes with 60 grit sandpaper and it looks like this.

Large Mantel Clocks Contemporary - Shapes, Framing & Sizes

From the beginning, "time" was important to humanity. The concept of differentiating between day and night is something that is taken for granted today. Knowing the "time" where we had lived was significant for many eras. With hope to the global world, time zones are also quite critical to many.

Many of us live at this time, but today we have the possibility of having large wall clocks contemporary. Different sizes, shapes and frames ensure that our personalities provide us with both functional and decorative watches, such as large wall clocks with pendulum and large wall clocks 30 inch. They have a range of different types of large wall clocks to small and more framing options. Antique watches go with some personalities, while extra large wall clocks contemporary go with other personalities.

1. Shapes of decorative wall clocks:

Decorative clocks and its shapes - many to choose from - sunburst look to antique wall clocks. Some are:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Occasional octagonal

But everyone gives a statement in color, framed or in some cases less. The colors usually appear to be in red or black and golden tones in the classic or traditional large wall clocks for living room decor.

2. Framing large wall clocks with pendulum:

Different textures are used to design the large wall clocks with pendulum. Antique wall clocks can have a broken and torn face and a weathered wooden frame. Others use metal, leather look, plastic or a composite of materials. All of these materials can bring a unique look to the large wall clocks 30 inch.

3. Different Sizes in large wall clocks contemporary:

Extra large wall clocks contemporary and small mid century modern wall clock - both can fit your style. The large mantel clocks contemporary can be the focal point of a room. Then you decorate around it. However, medium clocks can be placed well in the room with other wall decorations you have. Smaller bells can stand out with bold colors or brighter frames.

4. Nature of modern wall clocks amazon:

So how does one decide which clock to choose from so many unique and decorative clock? Many shops show a handful of clocks. Try this way as an alternative to going from business to business. Sit in the room to be decorated. Will it be a classic clock, an antique or large wall clocks contemporary? If you have decided the style, you can use the search engine to order decorative style walls.

Which wall clock is best for bigger rooms?

Then choose an antique wooden large mantel clocks contemporary and round. Which also have wooden shelf, which is modern in the living room. Preferably the same tone of wood as antiques. But for the dining room, think about a bigger metal look. Your TV room / hollow is a more versatile collection of casual views of "you", a big wall clock. Perhaps octagonal, with strong color properties, the unique wall clocks for sale on the couch are more in line with your personality.

How to Choose Decorative wall clocks with your preferences?

Your personal choice consists of the size, shape and frame of the clock. Today there are too many options to find in a store. It's much easier to search the web until you find what you like. It's also different how to choose the right large wall clocks 30 inch. In the past few years a clock was quite functional. They placed it easily anywhere, where it would almost fit a wall like a nightmare. Remember, I have suggested that you know your personality, sit in the room and focus on what you see in that room.

How to check perfect match for your room?

Go one step further: see where you are sitting to each adjacent room. Has the style of decorative wall clock that I choose coincide with my perception of this space a question? The second question is how it looks with all adjoining rooms. Do you want to make a statement about my personality that I like? If yes, write it down and go to the next room: select this room. Still comfortable each room requires a wall clock. How is your house?


Can this clock be used outdoors?

Why large mantel clocks contemporary are UNIQUE?

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