11 Best Large Orchid Pots for a complete new look!


Large Orchid pots are becoming the latest trend whether they are ceramic or plastic.
The Orchidaceae is a sundry and widespread genus, of flowering plants, with blooms that are vibrant and aromatic, known as the orchid.


 To flourish an orchid, you have to consider yourself as an orchid. Orchids are the most admired indoor plants. They are delicate and require care for proper nurture.

Orchids we buy from nurseries have apparently never adept growing in wild, incarcerating their roots to a pot goes hostile to their true primitive nature.

Due to this, as orchid keeper, we must select the best pots for growing orchids which helps nurture them to their full potential.

The Orchids requires a pot that is big enough that it may not cram the roots. Large Orchid pots are considered to be the best ones with the right number of holes for the drainage of water, as Orchids are not supposed to be floating in water.

People are so obsessed with plants these days, especially orchids! Orchids are the king of the flower plant and people love to decorate their homes with Orchids.

And after selecting the flower the most important thing is the pot we are going to put in our plant. And how are we going to decorate in innovative ways.

A plant corner without mess!

After finding the right container for your beautiful Orchid you need just the right way to present it.
Plant racks are a very easy solution to gather a lot of pots together in a less space.

You can take different beautiful large orchid pots and different sort of orchids as well and gather them in a corner on a stand and make it look it a beautiful corner of home.

This can be done both indoor and outdoors.
We can always also the take same style of large orchid pots in different colors and that will also give a beautiful.

This is an easy and efficient way of decorating your orchid pots as this method will occupy less space and also it is easy to remove and replace the pots easily.

Stands can be of steel or like wooden shelves and it is completely your choice that what you like more and what will go with the look of your house.

Most people prefer wooden shelves in the indoor setting and steel stands in outdoor setting.

beautiful large orchid pots
beautiful large orchid pots 2


Because White is always right! The harmony this color creates nothing in the world ever can.
Nothing is as soothing as the white color.

White color can give your home a very rich and elegant look. People prefer to have complete white homes. And for that case white pots for white orchids are the most amazing thing to consider.

This white look has always been in trend, whether it is the 20th century or the 18th! White has always been chosen for elegance and these large orchid pots in white they are so mesmerizing.

White pots go with every look and every corner.
We can put these on the sides of the sofas or the corner of the hall, and we can also place them together on a shelf.


The Light Arrangement

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose

As it is said with the right light everything is extraordinary, and the light arrangement for flower pots is one of the brightest ideas for decorating our homes.

There are a few different ways of light decoration with the flower pots;

1. We can set the lighting stand above the orchid          pot.
2. Use spot lights facing the corner.
3. Fairy lights can be used;
   → Pots can be decorated with the fairy lights
   → Decorate a shelf or a stand with fairy lights and          then place the large orchid pot on it.


Innovative Ways of Presenting Ceramic Orchid Pots

The large ceramic orchid pots are not only designed to be placed on the floor on the corner they are so innovatively designed that they can be placed anywhere in any way.

These large pots are designed so beautifully that we can place them on stands easily, their shapes are so different. They can give our homes a complete different look and it is a very easy thing to do.

Here is a picture of a large orchid pot placed in a wooden tray along with a bird made of paper.

This look is also for the shelf. You can put these pots in front of paintings to enhance their beauty.


Different ways to decorate the orchid pots and make them look pretty even from the base part

The visible soil of the plant does not give a very neat look in the indoor setting.

We should always do something innovative for the base part of the plant, obviously we cannot remove the soil to make it look neat but there are ways that can make it look nice.

1. We can put mini plants in the in the base which can be fake or original. But we have to take care that those mini plants do not harm our precious Orchids.
2. Use fake grass or leaves to cover the base part and make it look attractive.
3. Put pebbles and can be big and small that can make it look neat and attractive.

 For other attractive looks we can add tree branches, big leaves.


Large Ceramic pot with Saucers

The large ceramic orchid pot with saucers are very popular these days, this style is a complete new look for our homes.

These large orchid pots help the plant to settle in this very spacious new home without cramming their roots and stems and the holes helps in the drainage of water which is essential for the life of orchids.

Orchids can not survive while floating in water. So it is necessary that the pot we choose should have the right number of holes to drain the excess water and helps the flower to bloom at its full.

The ceramic orchid pots with holes help the plant roots and stem to obtain the required sunlight and air.

The large orchid pots with saucers helps to catch the water which runs out while watering the plant, we can always clean the saucer as it is not fixed to the pot.

The shape of the pot, narrow from the bottom helps to put the plastic container into the pot as well, if you don't want to keep the same pot for long and do not want to disturb the adjustment of the plant while shifting it to another pot.

Plastic Orchid Pots

The plastic orchid pots with holes are easy to carry and cheap in price. Such pots are usually preferred for office and places where regular care and check is impossible.

And they require such products in vast amounts so they get what is cost efficient.

But normally people use these pots as a carrier to put them in the ceramic pots so they can easily take them out and clean the pot and the water gets easily drained.

Clay Orchid Pots

Clay Orchid pots are not usually very pretty looking pots they are mostly used for outdoor, like for gardens, balconies, lawns. People who like simplicity indoors prefer clay pots inside the house as well.

Clay pots can be pretty looking too, people are doing amazing work with the pots, even people like to buy simple clay pots and paint them, themselves.

Both painted and beautifully designed and carved clay pots are also available and a lot of people still go with the clay material it's more like cultural.

What's trending?

The large ceramic orchid pots are the latest adaptation of new living style. People prefer to have indoor plants and for that they really look for the best looking pot which enhance the beauty of their homes.

Ceramic orchid pots with holes are designed so beautifully that people considered them the most for every sort of plant.

The beautiful colors and designs are winning hearts and the demand of these pots are getting so high. People always tend to choose what's always in and this for sure is the most trending pot material for plants.

Most Selling Orchid pots

The most selling and best orchid pots are the ones with the holes. They are beneficial and easy to use. And they are easily available and help the plant to grow better.

They come in every material and every shape and size. And the ones with the saucer are more preferable because they carry all of the excess water and save us from the mess.

How is the large orchid pot with holes better?

☐ Save us from pot shifting when the plant grows
☐ Holes help in the ventilation process
☐ The shape of the pot helps in the adjustment of plastic container
☐ Drains the extra water
☐ Keeps the plant healthy for a long time

Here is the list to choose the best large Orchid pot

Butterfly Ceramic Orchid Pot with Saucer

  • Material: Heavy Glazed Ceramic Pot
  • Appealing Design
  • Dark Brown Moss with saucer
  • Drainage hole at the base
  • Works for most of the orchids
  • Dimensions: 8" x 7 3/8"

Dragonfly Black Ceramic Orchid Pot and Saucer

  • Material: Heavy Glazed Ceramic 
  • With saucer in the bottom
  • Instant shipping is available
  • Appealing design
  • Felt feet for scratch prevention
  • Great for most of the orchids
  • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 6" 

Clay Orchid Pot - Terra Cotta - Unglazed

  • Material: Clay . 
  • For planting orchids
  • Drainage hole
  • 4 slits in the side
  • Non-textured finish
  • Dimensions: 7.75" x 6" in diameter
  • Made in Germany.

Dragonfly Red Ceramic Orchid Pot and Saucer

  • Material: Heavy Glazed Ceramic Pot
  • Color: Red
  • Appealing design of a dragonfly
  • With a saucer in the bottom
  • Felt feet for scratch prevention
  • Used for most of the orchids
  • Instant shipping is available
  • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 6"

Mkono Plastic Orchid Pots Set

  • Material: High quality PP plastic
  • Specifically designed for Orchidaceae; Orchid, Dendrobium, Cattleya. 
  • Designed for Root control. 
  • Outer & Inner Pot Set; Both of the pots have holes in the bottom
  • Inner pot has slits on the sides
  • Package includes: 2 inner net pots & 2 outer pots
  • Dimensions: Approx 7 1/2" wide by 6 3/4" high.
  • *plants will be not included in the package

Clear Plastic Orchids Pots  - with Orchid Booklet

  • Material: plastic
  • Promotes great drainage, humidity and aeration
  • Raised center helps eliminate stagnant water
  • Pots have holes in the bottom for increased drainage
  • Clear plastic allows light and air into roots
  • Available with a helpful booklet "Identifying Your Orchids”
  • Dimensions: 5 inches x 4 3/4 inches tall and 5 7/8 inches x 4 7/8 inches tall

Colored Birdfly Solid Plastic Flower Pot 

  • Material: plastic 
  • Dimensions:9x9x8 inch
  • Matching saucer is included
  • Pot has drainage holes
  • Available in different colors

Better-way Orchid Planter Pot Large Modern Decorative Ceramic Flower Plant Pot with Saucer  

  • Material: Ceramic

  • A sturdy orchid flower ceramic pot with saucer at the bottom 
  • The surface with shiny white color finish cylinder shape
  • Dimensions: depth;5.5inchxheight: 9.4inch
  • Package; 1 x orchid flower ceramic pot with saucer.

Hand carved large Ceramic Orchid Pot Planter with saucer

  • Hand carved large orchid planter
  • With plate at the bottom
  • Proper drainage hole
  • Shaped entirely by hand, carved, glazed and fired in electric kiln.
  • Dimensions: Planter: 5.12 ” (13 cm) diameter by 4.72” (12 cm) high approximately Plate: 7.28” (18,5 cm)

DAN Market Orchid Breathable Slotted Clear Plastic Pot - Pack of 4

  • Transparent orchid pots
  • Allow air into roots - promotes AERIFICATION 
  • Ensure PROPER DRAINAGE - HOLES in the base and SLITS on the sides

  • Durable construction
  • Pack of 4
  • Dimensions: 5.5 inches diameter to 3.66 inches diameter at the bottom , height 4.13 inches

Orchid Breathable Slotted Plastic Pot

  • Material: plastic
  • Lower orchid plant mesh net pots 
  • With water absorbing rope excellent drainage
  • Good air movement
  • Two of them are 4",5",6",7",7.5" 
  • Holes in the base & slits on the sides for better drainage

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