How to fix your garden hose nozzle in 2018

The most annoying thing while watering your garden is when you open your garden hose nozzle and it sprays water on your face or your hand and clothes gets dirty.  Keeping your water hose nozzle in good condition can be a daily chore.

Water hose nozzle can be leaked due to various reasons like placing it under the sun light for much longer time or using it abnormally or throwing it on floor can damage it from inside. Don’t worry if your water hose nozzle is out of order we are here to address your problem and give you some very simple tricks with which you can easily repair your leaking water hose nozzle.

Water hose nozzle can e fixed with in a minute or two by just following some basic steps described below. Learn more about Best hoses for outside and how to choose one.

Remove the garden hose nozzle

First of all remove the nozzle by griping it firmly and moving it towards left. Detach your nozzle from the hose very gently so you don’t damage the corners of your hose pipe.

garden hose sprayer

Examine your Nozzle

Examine your garden hose sprayer carefully. Check whether your nozzle’s washer is damaged or not, if it is deteriorated or splitted then replace it with a new rubber washer. Take a small brush tooth brush will be handy in this situation , clean hose ends and inner side of nozzle with it . So any blockage that is causing nozzle to leak will be removed easily. Now dry it with a towel.

garden hose sprayer

Teflon tape

Take a teflon tape and wrap it around the hose end. Make sure that the tape has covered all the gaps between the threads. Now connect your hose with the nozzle. Make sure that it is connected tightly leaving no gaps behind.

garden hose sprayer

Testing the nozzle

Turn on your water tap and check the nozzle if there is any leakage. Make sure your hands doesnt get wet when you use the nozzle. Otherwise the hose nozzle is of no use.

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Things you will need

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Washer
  • Towel
  • Tooth brush or small bristle brush


  • Don’t throw your nozzle anywhere other than your garden. It will damage your nozzle from inside
  • Always turn your water source up to certain limit where your nozzle performs best. Don’t over pressurize your nozzle. It will leak your nozzle.


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