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The iconic design of the Granite Dining Table is beautiful and elegant. The structure is much refined. It consists of only two parts: a round or oval table top and a light round conical base - round granite dining table. The top is usually made of materials such as white as marble and fiberglass. The base is painted aluminum or Rilsan surface which is resistant to scratch or by an elastic polyurethane enamel layer.


1. Olee Sleep - Granite Top with Metal Frame – granite top dining table designs

  • Durable metal frame
  • Simple stylish design
  • All tools are included - Easy 2 assemble
  • Affordable contemporary Furniture
  • White color
  • Functional and suitable for any room
  • Perfect with your sofa or bed

2. Flash Furniture - Square Granite Dining Table

  • Ready To Use Commercial Table
  • In White color 2.83' Plastic Folding Table
  • Dining up to 4 Adult
  • Adjustable Height Frame
  • 220 lb. Static Load Capacity.
  • Item Weight: 23.8 pounds
  • 1.75'' Thick Granite Top
  • Waterproof and Stain Resistant Top
  • Gray Powder Coated Locking Legs
  • Protective Furniture glides or Caps

3. Steve Silver - Granite Bello Dining Table

  • Solid hardwood legs
  • Item Weight - 101 pounds
  • 70 x 42 x 30 inches
  • Model no. is MG500T
  • Granite Dining Table
  • Length 57”
  • Width 42”
  • Height 30”
  • Diameter 42”
  • Weighs 236 Pounds

4. Coaster Home Furnishings - Granite Top Dining Table Designs

  • 7 pc set
  • Includes 1 dining table and 6 chairs
  • Dining Table: 64"L x 38"W x 31"H
  • Chair dimensions 19"L x 23.5"W x 38"H
  • Cushions are wrapped in durable brown leather like vinyl
  • Color finishing: Medium Brown and Brown
  • Matching dining table is available separately
  • Material used: Marble Top, Leather Vinyl and Solid Wood
  • Assembling required
  • Chairs have cushioned seat and back 

Pay attention to Granite top dining table design supports

The base - usually feet or a shelf - can affect the number of people you can sit at the round granite dining table. If you see a table personally, look at it to see if your legs touch the table legs. Make sure you have enough space for your knees. While you sit or when you can cross your legs under the table. The frame that holds the table - can reduce the space for maneuvering your room.

Frames can give you flexibility on the sides of the Granite dining table. But they can minimize the space on the ends. Carefully examine free space between the edge of the granite top dining table designs and the scaffolding frames to accommodate your knees.

5. Bowery Hill - Granite Dining Table in Cherry

  • Granite dining table for sale
  • Contemporary styling
  • Granite top
  • Rectangular shape
  • Rich cherry finish and veneers
  • Hardwood solids
  • Leg base
  • Table dimensions: 70" Width x 30" Height x 42" Depth

6. Flash Furniture - Granite White Plastic Folding Table

Flash Furniture - ractangle
  • White granite dining table
  • 18 inches Width x 72 inches Length
  • Ready To Use Table
  • Waterproof and Stain Resistant Top
  • 6” Folding Table
  • Seats up to 3 persons
  • Thickness of Granite White Dining Table Top is 1.75”
  • 220 lb. Static Load Capacity
  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Gray Powder Coated Locking Legs
  • Protective Floor Glides/Caps

7. BestMassage - Dining Kitchen Table - Granite Dining Table Models

  • Prime quality dining table
  • Made of eco-friendly MDF and heavy steel
  • Enhanced stability
  • Includes 1 table and 2 chairs
  • Perfect dining set for 1 or 2 people
  • Easy to assemble

8. Lifetime - Loop Leg Folding Chair

  • Made of thick polyethylene
  • Wide seat and tall back
  • Best for comfort
  • Greater strength and more durable
  • UV-Protected seat and back
  • Stain resistant material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

9. HOMY CASA - Breakfast And Daybreak Table

  • Extendable & High Gloss White Rectangular Dining Table
  • Available with metal Frame and wooden materials
  • Dining Table for 6-8 seating
  • Dimensions: Length Expands 63” - 80”
  • Width: 35” & Height: 31.3“
  • Perfect for 4-10 people
  • Free replacement warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee

10. MiniMax Decor - White Gloss Dining Table

  • White granite dining table
  • Table expands to six different sizes
  • Space saving
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The legs have wheels to transport table easily
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Assembling Required
  • High in Quality
  • Sleek modern minimalist design

5 Things to Check Before you Buy Granite dining table

Granite dining table designs became more popular and it is now one of the world's most modern feet. However, many of the dining room doubles on the market can easily trick customers. To identify a real coin in the store, here are 5 important things to check.

1. Examine the top and bottom

The table should only have two parts, such as top and base. The board can be laminate, wood veneer, natural granite or painted or natural marble, while the cast aluminum thick bottom of the finished Rilsan is available in three colors like white, black or platinum. If you've found plastic, it's certainly not a real table.

2. See marble Material

Look carefully if it is a white marble with a gray vein pattern or not. There are many duplicates that try to copy the pattern with a cheaper marble. Remember that Arabescato marble is the original and that Carrara marble is considered a lower quality marble cheaper. They would not be able to distinguish them because they are very similar in appearance. The only difference you find is that Carrara marble has relatively unsharp grain. Here are the most common materials use in dining tables:

  • Solid wood
  • Veneer/Wood - Affordable alternative to solid wood
  • Stone and Stone-Look
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic and Laminates - Man-made materials

3. Check the seal

The area where the shelf and the test unite can reveal the story. When you talk about the real granite top dining table designs, you do not see any screws between the two parties. The upper surface is fixed on top of the base with a single thread.

4. Durable & Reliable Construction

Look under the floor test at the store: the wood, which is directly linked to wood, is very strong. Too many fasteners and hooks can weaken the construction. In general, simpler the better. Look at the connection points where your feet touch the tables and corners. When the pieces begin to separate, you see holes in the corners. It is breakable if you move it, it's not well built. Watch carefully for really cheap granite dining table designs. They could only be held together with staples and glue.

5. Examine the measurement accurately

Using tape measure the entire granite dining table. In the case of standard measurement, the entire dining table, including bottom and top, should measure 28 ¼ high. The granite top round dining table measures 5 different diameters as 35 inches, 42½ inches, 47 inches, 54 inches and 60 inches. Similarly, if it is an oval dining table, the upper (the two broadest points) must measure 78 inches by 47 inches or 96 inches by 54 inches.

6. See signature of Brand

You can look at the bottom of the top if the signature of brand is registered there. The signature is a chrome plate containing "Knoll Studio" from 1956. The duplicates have similar selections, but they call them "Saarinen style" or "Knoll style".

If you find that the granite top dining table designs does not meet any of the above criteria, make sure that it is incorrect.

How to Fit in Granite into Your Kitchen

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? You might want to give your plans granite countertops or granite dining table designs. Granite is one of the hardest and most durable surfaces that you can install in a kitchen. It is not only solid, but also outstanding. Here, we take a closer look at how granite can be integrated into the overall design of your kitchen. It can easily use for countertops, table tops or Granite top round dining table.

1. Granite countertops and round granite dining table

One of the most popular uses of granite in a kitchen is countertops because of the hardness of the material. Granite worktops can withstand the placement of hot pots and pans without splitting or splitting, which can occur with other worktops, such as laminates. Not only that, but two granite countertops are never the same. Your kitchen countertops will be unique as you give your kitchen a style and a class. You have the choice between many colors of granite. They also have a different style and grain color. Have number of different styles which are almost unlimited.

2. Different Granite dining table models

Granite is not only a good material for countertops. Granite table tops can add a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. They are also less scratched, stained or damaged, making them an ideal surface for wooden tables.

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, keep in mind that there are always different options to choose from. Black granite dining table set or countertops should be on your list. Granite dining table designs have become popular in customer demand. There should be no shortage of building materials by suppliers on cheap granite dining table prices. They offer you the most attractive and durable construction materials in your kitchen.

Do you want to hire a contractor to carry out your kitchen renovation project? They will be able to manage the cutting and installation of granite, whether it's a kitchen countertop granite top dining table designs. As you approach the project itself, it's important to tailor the granite to the size and thickness that suits your needs.

The use of granite in your kitchen renovation will not only give you an attractive kitchen, but also a sustainable kitchen that will last for many years.

Different Styles of Dining Tables

The kitchen and dining room is in the middle of the house. They have different granite dining table models that form a center that brings people together through good food and good company. They are not just a place to eat, they are also a place to celebrate special occasions, receive family and welcome old and new friends. The style of the dining table you choose will definitely affect the mood of the room. You have to choose one that fits your general decor and finish your decor.

1. Modern & Contemporary

Most of the modern granite top round dining table design provides funkier frame shapes. While some of the traditional four feet, many still have a central pillar. An elegant minimalist option if you're looking for a compact and clear look. For an elegant silhouette chrome can be chiseled in signature baskets, as seen on Giovanni-glass round table.

2. Country & Rustic

Like traditional designs, the rustic round granite dining table use natural materials and timeless forms for a warm feeling. The rustic style of the farm gives light beans like oak, which gives an authentic charm. A pastoral atmosphere that is picked directly into a cabin. If you are looking for a smart look, choose patterns that allow you to see the brand's organic hot tub.

3. Traditional & Classic

Classical models use traditional materials like wood, which have passed the test of time. If you are looking for a timeless appeal, conventional four-legged structures that go down from generation to generation are a favorite. While they appear formal, they can still offer variations. Choose a darker shade of wood, such as walnut, if you want a rich, artistic look, or choose a lighter Eichenholzton for a more airy, more airy feel.

Typically, right edges, rectangular or square, they are brilliant, a large family to accommodate or to fill a larger dining room. Extensible designs expandable to larger groups have been popular for decades and show how traditional yet conventional design is versatile and tailored to your needs.

4. Transitional

Combining old and new gives transition tables the best of both worlds. They offer both classic and modern interiors, are versatile and perfect if you cannot decide between them. With traditional fibers such as wood combined with modern materials such as chrome or a matte plastic, models appear striking and practical and are becoming increasingly popular. Many have oblique corners, curved or narrowed wood for a modern and appealing atmosphere.

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