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When someone buys something, they make sure they will get the best deal. Each custom patio cushions will also have a different size. There are many people who choose to buy cheap custom patio cushions online to save on costs and to get a better selection.

Where to buy patio cushions?

The range available in a store might not be as wide as what people find online. Customers often look for a particular design and do not want to settle on a design simply because they cannot get what they really want.

The online order will give you a better choice for your outdoor chair patio cushion. These will be as durable as those that can be purchased online as well. This is something that will be extremely important considering, many of them will be constantly exposed to moisture or sun.

Each pillow lid will have more things that will look good depending on color and style. However, the size of the pillow cover must be taken into account. If someone cannot get the size they need, they must do something custom just for their pillows. Most of the pillows are in standard sizes.


Must Compare Cost Quality and Product

Sometimes consumers will find something that will be a little bigger or less than they thought. Many of the pillow covers will cover most pillows made from garden furniture manufacturers. Each piece of furniture will offer a different choice to the consumers for outdoor patio cushion sale.

When people choose to buy cheap custom patio cushions in an online store, they can have a wide variety of different designs that they will fall in love with. This is something that will be extremely important. The fact that pillow covers are cheap does not mean they are also cheap in quality.

There are many types of items available for outdoor patio cushion designs 2018. Each of them will also be unique. The material used on each cushion cover must be made with ink that can withstand rain and other types of weather.


How to clean patio cushions in seconds?

  • Outdoor patio cushions that can be cleaned with a liquid solution should be well adapted to the easy treatment of soap and water.
  • Add 1/4 cup mild detergent to 1 liter warm water
  • Mix it well
  • Dip clean sponge into the liquid
  • Scrub the patio cover to remove mud and dirt
  • Rinse the soapy water with the best hose spray nozzle
  • Rinse well and put the cushions on the edge to dry.
  • Make sure covers are completely dry before putting them back into the furniture.
  • Mix 1: 1 dust for white distilled vinegar with water in a syringe bottle.
  • Spray directly onto mold stains and rub with a soft brush.
  • Wash with sanitary water and let it dry completely.
  • Always try in a small area to ensure that it does not cause discoloration or fabric damage.


Low Maintenance outdoor chair patio cushion

Best custom patio cushions mostly have waterproof design material. The cushion will not get wet. This is very useful when someone forgets to keep a pillow on the day and even don’t know how to clean patio cushions.

There are many reasons to know why people will buy these pillowcases online. There are several different models that will be available at online stores. Some retailers can offer a larger selection. This is something that will be very important to consider.

Each consumer will look for something different for his garden furniture. Not everyone wants anything. There are people who want something quite conservative.

Outdoor furniture can be very expensive to buy. Prefer only outdoor furniture brands that have high quality furniture and its accessories. Just changing pillow covers can make them look like a whole new set. Consumers who can buy online custom cushions cheap can buy more often.


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List of Top 10 cheap custom patio cushions


1. Greendale Home Fashions – Outdoor 51-inch Bench Cushion – Outdoor Chair Patio Cushion

Greendale Home Fashions - custom patio cushions


  • UV-resistant outdoor fabric used with 100% pure polyester
  • Polyester fiber filling made from 100 % recycled and post-consumer plastic bottle
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Overstuffed material for extra comfort and durability
  • Available in 8 unique colors
  • Made in China – Filling and finishing in the USA
  • Cushion dimensions are +/- 2 inches
  • NOTE: Product will be in a slightly compressed state on arrival; after few days product will expand to final size as mentioned in description



2. Bossima – sunbrella patio cushion cover – Seasonal Replacement Cushions

 Bossima - custom patio cushions

  • 100 % Sunbrella patio cushion cover – fade-proof, long-lasting, stain and water resistant, UV resistance, perfect selection for outdoors
  • 100% polyester fiberfill – custom cushions cheap – environmental and recycle
  • Well-constructed in right thickness with higher comfortable
  • Available in 12 different designs and colors
  • Seat dimension: 24 length × 24 width × 6.25 height (inches)
  • Back rest seat dimension: 22 length × 24 width × 7 height (inches)
  • Removable zipped cover with seats and back
  • Handcraft products may have 0.4 in modification
  • Easy to clean or change
  • Included a manual on how to clean patio cushions
  • Confirm the size before order, thanks.



3. Greendale Home Fashions – Outdoor/Patio High Back Chair Cushion

 Greendale Home Fashions - cheap custom patio cushions


  • 100% polyester, UV water stain-resistant outdoor fabric
  • Poly fiber fill made from 100% recycled
  • Dimensions of cushion are +/- 2 inches
  • Main seat dimensions: 20l x 21w x 4h in.
  • Back seat dimensions: 24l x 21w x 4h in.
  • Outdoor patio cushion designs 2018 – 16 different fabric designs and colors
  • Overstuffed construction for extra endurance and comfort
  • Best Custom cushions reviews by respectable customers
  • Made in China – Filling and finishing done in the USA
  • On arrival custom patio cushions will be in slightly compressed state; after some days they will expand to mentioned size in description




4. Pillow Perfect – Outdoor patio cushion sale – Outdoor Carmody Squared Chair Cushion

Pillow Perfect - custom patio cushions


  • One outdoor chair cushion in navy and white color
  • Weather resistant waterproof fade proof in sunlight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • New style in better-quality 100-percent polyester fiber filling
  • Offers an even comfortable feel with greater durability
  • Ties on every corner helps to keep the best custom patio cushions securely fastened to furniture
  • Easy maintenance – clean or hand washable cushion fabric with mild detergent and cool water
  • Measures: 16.5l X 18w X 3d inches
  • 20l X 18w X 3d inches (Back seat)
  • Size can vary up to 1-inch as it is handcrafted



5. Pillow Perfect – Outdoor chair cushion – Custom Cushions Cheap

Pillow Perfect - cheap custom patio cushions 2018


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported stuff
  • Plush Fill – filling of 100 % polyester fiber
  • Includes 1 outdoor wicker loveseat cushion
  • Weather resistant, fading protection and suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy maintenance – lightly spot clean or hand washable fabric with cold water and minor detergent
  • Sewn Seam Closure – outdoor patio cushion sale
  • Measurement: 44l X 19w X 5 d in inches
  • Size can vary up to 1-inch – product is handcrafted



6. Classic Accessories – Custom patio cushions – Montlake Bench Cushion Foam cover

Classic Accessories Montlake - custom patio cushions


  • Cushion measures l x 48″ w x 18″ d x 3″ d
  • Fabric colored with high quality Fade Safe solution
  • Designed to withstand discoloration, dyeing, sealing and dust protection.
  • Cover includes click straps to keep your pillows exactly where you want them
  • They look good on your furniture
  • Double seam provide resistance under tension and the pipes give a sophisticated look
  • Inner seams are designed to provide strength and durability in the most demanding joints.
  • 6 different colors and 5 different sizes are available
  • Remember that the foam comes up vacuum-filled and for better results and easier filling.
  • The foam must insert into the protective cover immediately after opening.



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7. Qilloway – Outdoor Deep Seat Chair Cushions – Best custom patio cushions

Qilloway - custom patio cushions

  • Resistant to UV rays, water repellent, durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Available in 5 unique colors
  • Overloaded construction for excellent comfort and durability, and the seat cushion is padded with a foam wrapped in polyethylene fiber and covered with a closed zipper.
  • The cushion is filled with 100% polyester fibers: according to the environment, recycled, clean and with durability.
  • These are handmade pillows,may have a 0.4 inch variation
  • Includes seat (24 x 24 x 5 inch) and backrest (24 x 22 inch), fits easily in the chair.
  • Design in the right thickness: comfortable, well-designed, the cushion is covered with a sliding mat. Keep outdoor pillow attached to outdoor patio furniture.
  • Remember that the file is compressed, wait a few hours for the product to expand to the final size specified in the description.
  • Remember to take the size before ordering.


8. Winsome – Top custom cushions reviews Bench Cushion Seat

winsome wood - custom patio furniture cushions

  • Imported custom patio cushions
  • PVC
  • Cushion measurements are 36″ w, 13″ d, and 2.17″ in h.
  • Patio cushion have foam filling for better comfort.
  • Comfortable filling for outdoor furniture of your home.
  • Espresso finish – Soft PU Faux Leather cover
  • Size is not available for Winsome’s Dayton, Granville, Milan or Verona Bench


9. Classic Accessories – Montlake Chaise Cushion Foam – Navy Blue

Classic Accessories navy blue - custom patio cushions

  • The fabric colored in the Montlake Fade Safe solution is elegant and designed to withstand discoloration, staining, rain and foam of the pillow.
  • 6 different colors and 2 different sizes available
  • The cushion measures 72 “long x 21” wide x 3 “thick
  • Double seam give strength under tension
  • Piping provide a sophisticated look to the inner seams
  • Designed to provide strength and durability to the most demanding joints.
  • Slip-on covers include snap-on straps keep your pillow exactly where you want them
  • Ensure beautiful look on your furniture.
  • Remember foam comes up vacuum-filled and for better results and easier filling, insert foam into protective cover immediately after opening.


10. Classic Accessories – Outdoor patio cushion designs 2018 – Montlake Seat Cushion Slip Cover – green

Classic Accessorie - seat cushion - green

  • Cushion measurement 21″ w x 21″ d x 3″ h in inches
  • 6 different colors and a wide of different sizes are available according to your need
  • The fabric is high-quality Montlake Fade Safe is elegant and designed to withstand discoloration, staining, rain and foam on the pillow.
  • Slip-on covers include snap-on straps
  • Keep pillow exactly where you want them
  • Ensure their beautiful look on your furniture.
  • Double seam seams give strength under tension
  • Piping provide a sophisticated look to the inner seams
  • Designed to provide strength and durability to the most demanding joints.
  • Remember that the foam comes up vacuum-filled
  • For better results and easy filling – insert the foam immediately into the cover after opening.


11. Quality Outdoor Living – Machine Grey color

Quality Outdoor Living - custom patio cushions

  • Deep seating cushion style
  • Patio furniture loveseat seat and back changing cushion set
  • UV resistant, weather resistant and fading resistant polyester cushion cover
  • Wide variety of 16 colors and 8 different sizes are available
  • Set includes cushions for 1 loveseat
  • Seat dimensions are 46 inches width and 26-inch depth


12. Sunjoy – Outdoor patio cushions – Tan color

sunjoy - custom patio cushions

  • Universal design fit deep seating chairs and sofas
  • 2 pc deep seating outdoor chair cushion
  • High quality Tan UV safe olefin fabric resists fading
  • Seat Dimensions are 22 w x 24 d x 5.5′ h in inches
  • Back seat dimensions are 24”Wx9”Dx21”H
  • Cleans easily with mild soap and water


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