Create the Happiest Moments with Cookie Cake Recipe!

Cookie Cake Recipe!

When there’s any birthday comes in our family, we order a cake from the market. We spend expensive money to order fruitful cookie cake from ordering online or bakeries. Here we explore that how can you make Cookie Cake Recipe! at home because it’s worthy to take advantage of this thing when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cakes. It’s the best cookie cake recipe which will help you to make cakes at your own home.

Cookie Cake

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Crispy Cookie Cake Recipe!

The recipe took so much time to make it to the delicious ever food. My co-worker was very happy and ate the personal cake made by me.Cookie Cake Yes, you hear the truth that I made that cake and it was just like a crispy cookie cake. The upper layer of the cake was chewy and the rest inside was all over the cookie cake recipe.

Today I am going to share that awesome recipe cookies cake with you and I am sure that you will never ever forget it. This is cookie cake easy recipe which you never ever heard and using this you can make this cake in only 30 minutes. Awesome recipe cookies are so reliable and best ever.

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Cookie Cake Recipe – Delicious

This is the photo of the cake which you are going to make with this powerful recipe:

Cookie Cake

  • I used a pizza pan to make the cookie cake and the inner layer will not be so deep.
  • The dough will be made of the cookie and we will surely bake it.
  • You need some plain flour for this and the rest will be so delicious.
  • Your pan must be the cyclical giant pan.

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Ingredients and directions and includes cookie cake recipe:

  1. You need a half stick of salted butter (available at cheap rates in the market), make it soften at the room temperature.
  2. Now you need one cup of flour (purpose).
  3. Baking soda is also needed here to make the cake soft and hard for baking.
  4. One of the fourth part of the salt.
  5. You need pure cane sugar necessarily.
  6. Molasses is also needed here.Cookie Cake
  7. We also need eggs, 1 and a half teaspoons for the vanilla essence.
  8. If you want to make a more chocolaty cake then 4 cups of chocolate chips must be available.
  9. Frosting cheese cream is also available and uses it when garnish.
  10. Chocolate coco powder can also be used for garnish.

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Direction of Cookie Cake Recipe:

  1. Put all the butter into the cake pan. Now take flour to lift it in a bowl, salt and baking soda must mix together.
  2. Take another bowl and mix the molasses and the natural cane sugar with the fork or spoon mixture.
  3. If you have beater then use it and beat butter and make cream from it. You should beat it two minutes. Now you have to add the sugar into that smoothie and mix the eggs, vanilla essence and beat it until it gets soluble.
  4. Put off all the chocolate chips into the mixture.
  5. Transfer the cookie dough to the pan and then make it the thick layer for the dough.
  6. Its fine and bake it for 15 minutes on the preheat temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit and cook and check until golden brown in color!
  7. Take it out from the oven and put into the normal temperature, once cool go some garnishing like the way we did in the above photo!
  8. Garnish with the cocoa powder, creamy piping, and cherry balls.

Cookie Cake

Now you must let us know, did you ever read that cookie cake easy recipe in life? No, this is very rare and awesome and now I am going to share the results with you which will make you shocked right away! That’s the cookie cake easy recipe which can serve you best.

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Difference between Cookies v/s Biscuits

The difference between a cookie and biscuit is described in the below graphic picture:

Cookie Cake

Photos of Cookie Cake Recipe

Garnish cake with the creamy piping at the boundary of the cake.

Cookie Cake

Now you know the recipe cookies very flouncing in the taste!

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Chocolate cake mix cookiesCookie Cake

Now we will let you know the chocolate cake mix cookies recipe. It’s almost the same but we will add some chocolate to it.

Here is the recipe for chocolate cake mix cookies:

Ingredients and directions:

  1. One super moist chocolate chip pack need.
  2. Half cup vegetable oil.
  3. One vanilla flavor teaspoon.
  4. Two eggs and a half cup of sugar.


  1. Mix cake mix, eggs and vanilla essence in the bowl.
  2. Make the dough for 15 minutes for easier handling, now shape the dough and make it to one inch and now roll sugar over it.
  3. You need a cookie sheet and put all the mixture two inches on the sheet.
  4. After ten minutes you have to make it cool and remove it from the sheet and tightly cover and put into the refrigerator.

Ready to eat-Result:

Now chocolate cake mix cookies are ready to serve and now you can eat it very well.

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Butter Cookie Cake Recipe

Now you are going forward and letting you know the recipe of butter cookie cake recipe which is just valuable to make. We will share the ingredients and directions for the butter cookie cake recipe:

Ingredients of Cookie Cake Recipe:

  1. Add purpose flour.
  2. Half teaspoon baking soda.
  3. Salt half teaspoon.
  4. ¾ creamy peanut butter and egg, vanilla essence.
  5. Cocoa powder also to make it flourish.


  1. Mix flour, baking soda, salt and then mix it very well.
  2. Beat the peanut butter, mix brown sugar, mix egg and vanilla essence in it.
  3. Slowly mix the ingredients and it will dry.
  4. Make the dough and do the same as above you make dough for it.
  5. We are done and you freeze it after the heat is over!!

Final image of Cookie Cake Recipe:

Cookie cake

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