Top Best Sling Bag For Travel & Camera | Ranked 1 – 10

Best sling bag for travel 2019 Are In Trend Again

Best sling bag for travel 2019 are popular, they can store more things. The best part is you won’t be need to carry any luggage in your hands. Best tactical sling backpack can also be used for children who go to school with books and best for travelers on the go. All you need is to pack only necessary items you will be needing while travelling. Put them in right place, put the sling bag over your shoulders and it's done!


How best sling bag for travel are useful?

Best sling backpacks are useful if you are traveling and know that you have to walk, run or drive a bike. If your wallet is firmly tied to your back and shoulder, make sure it is safe and is not at risk of losing. Another advantage is that the weight of men’s cross body sling bag distributes equally over the two shoulders. Rather than using a bag with a conveyor belt with a left shoulder or right carrying the load.

Best sling bag for travel up to 40$

1. NeatPack - Crossbody or Wear Over Shoulder for Men & Women

best sling bag for travel - NeatPack
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Multiple compartments for storage
  • Plenty of space for gadgets,water bottle, books & laptop
  • Easy access to all pockets
  • Different ways to wear - over shoulder or across the chest
  • Anti-theft pocket for valuables.
  • Durable strap clip and high quality zippers and 
  • Made with durable & water-resistant polyester canvas
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee

​J. Scott
Verified Purchase

I bought this for my sister'/ birthday present, and I have to say I seriously considered keeping it for myself! I'd rate the quality right up there with the North Face backpack that I have, and I don't say that lightly!

2. MOSISO - best sling bag brands for men

best sling bag for travel - MOSISO
  • 7.5” W  x 15.3” L x 3.5” H
  • 25 different colors are available
  • Small zipper pocket can carry phones, wallet, and power bank
  • 2 mesh bags on both sides - up to 2.5 inch larger diameter
  • Can be used cross body backpack, shoulder bag, sling bag or travel bag
  • Multi-functional storage area
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Flexible and adjusted shoulder strap length from 18 to 36 inch
  • Made with water resistant polyester
  • Durable and high quality zippers
  • 1 year warranty

Verified Purchase

This was a last minute purchase for our trip to Spain. It was perfect!!!! I had multiple compliments but most of all it was comfortable and practical. I was able to carry water bottle and even tote my coat through the straps when things got a little warm. There are 2 options to carry and I preferred the bag in front. The straps are adjustable and no doubt you can make it comfortable.

3. CHERI - Best Tactical Sling Backpack

best sling bag for travel - CHERIbest sling bag for travel - CHERI
  • 5 different colors are available
  • Comfortable to wear and made with durable material
  • Lightweight & water-resistant nylon material used
  • Dimension: 9.4" L x 3.5" W x 14.6" H
  • Weigh only 8.8 Oz.
  • Breathable mesh shoulder strap – can switch right or left – loose or tight
  • Small pockets have 3 inner-layers, 1 key rack, card and wallet pouch, notebook pouch and many more.
  • Multi Pocket Bag - two zipper pockets – 1 mesh pocket - 2 phone pockets having headphone access.
  • Best for travelling like camping, hiking, running, biking, climbing, cycling and mountain.
  • 100% Life time warranty

​​amanda s
Verified Purchase

I've been looking for lightweight backbag to carry my tablet and book to work. I also can put snack in there and fit 2 bottle of water inside and it still zips up and still not heavy at all.

Types of Sling Bags

There are different types of Best sling bag for travel suitable for all kinds of activities. You only need to choose the right one, the right bag that suits your personality, and the right type to go anywhere.

  • These bags can also use as school bag for children and students
  • There are also available for camping, walking, cycling or traveling.
  • They also come in different designs, sizes, colors and brands.

Purpose of best small sling bag for travel

Different best small sling bag for travel have different Purposes. Some are designed for recreation and weekend activities. Some are designed for the gym, for work, or for a simple trip or adventure. Make sure you get what you want.

Companies offer unique features of their products. You have a complete set option. Some have insulated rooms at the bottom of the bag. Others are specifically designed to only as a backpack, easy to transport, and many other features are designed to be more comfortable.

Regardless of style and design, these best sling bag for travel are as modern. Not only do you have all the features that you need on a daily basis, suitable for any budget.

4. WATERFLY - Waterproof Sling Bag - Best Sling Bag For Travel 2019

best sling bag for travel - waterfly
  • 6 beautiful different colors are available
  • Extra light weight sling bag for men amazon - 0.45 Pound
  • Suitable both for winter and autumn
  • Soft, water resistant and durable nylon used
  • Precise Seam and SBS Brand Zipper
  • Multiple pockets bag - capacity is 10L
  • Main Pocket 9.84” W x 13.78” H - Front pouch 7.48” L x 9.45” W
  • Many other pockets – such as wallet pouch, card pouch, notebook pouch & 2 pen pouches
  • Also have side mesh pocket having 5.9” H
  • Include shoulder strap pouch - Dimensions 3.54” L x 7.48” W x 1.57” H
  • After sales support

Samantha L
Verified Purchase

Bought these bags for our day trips while we travel around Japan. We love them!

5. PRITEK - Waterproof Sling Bag - mens cross body sling bag

best sling bag for travel - PRITEK
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Sling bag for men amazon made with waterproof 300D Polyester material
  • Sturdy in quality and very lightweight, Stronger Brand Zipper
  • Best anti theft sling bag for travel - Anti-theft zipper pocket with RFID blocking
  • Better protection for your debit and credit cards
  • Suitable Best for hiking, climbing, camping, cycling, one day trip, travel and gym
  • Most comfortable best sling bag for running to wear across the back or from the side
  • 30 days money back replacement guarantee - 100% satisfied 18 months free warranty

​Cindy Jacinto
Verified Purchase

I wish it was a tiny bit bigger, but it works. I use it for the gym. In the big pocket I put my size 8 women's cycling shoes and a small hand towel. The middle pocket will be used for gloves and earbuds for music. The front pocket is for my keys and phone. There is also a small pocket in the back side where I can also put my phone and kindle as well; furthermore, there is a pocket for my sunglasses on the strap.

7 Amazing Benefits of best sling bag for travel

  • Less hard on the shoulders
  • Provide more storage
  • Best tactical sling backpack are more convenient than any other type
  • Better ergonomics
  • Easy to carry  
  • These sling bags are Best for lightweight use 
  • Very stylish Best sling backpacks

best sling backpack for laptop

6. Sosoon - Travel Laptop Backpack for Men and Women

best sling bag for travel - Sosoon
  • Front bag is removable from sling bag.
  • Built-in advance RDIF blocking technology while keeping your credit card protected
  • Big pocket space with 19.7” L x 14.1” W x 7.8” H
  • 1 hidden anti-theft pocket to protect expensive items from theft.
  • 2 main pockets for books and clothes
  • It includes Built-in USB charger and 1 charging cable inside of the bag
  • Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Made with durable polyester fabric - dual metal zippers, non-tear able, scratch and water resistant.
  • Provide satisfaction for a secure & long term school usage, business and travel use.
  • Replacement and Life time Full

Verified Purchase

This back pack does have the strap to slide on your suitcase handle. That was the main function I wanted. Holds, laptop, Ipad, cords, a small purse and a few more accesories well. I have several book bags given to my by work that are great quality but I needed one with the strap and held off on buying because I had other bags.. Bought around $18 and it is completely worth have an additional book bag for travel

7. Tocode - best sling backpack for laptop

best sling bag for travel - Tocode
  • Bigger compartments with multipurpose options
  • Dimensions of best tactical sling backpack: 22"H x 12"L x 6"W
  • Put up most probably 17.3" laptop
  • Can also be used to keep other daily usage items
  • 2 side pockets to hold umbrella and water bottles
  • Stylish waterproof sling bag with external Micro-USB port and standard charging cable
  • Made with heavy duty water resistant fabric - durable metal zippers
  • Ergonomics top handle for a long time carry.
  • Best protector of your laptop and other devices from rain and accidental spills
  • Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps to relieve shoulders form pain
  • 12 months warranty
  • Best protector of your laptop and other devices from rain and accidental spills

​Boris Zuniga
Verified Purchase

Well made and bigger than expected. Very comfortable on the shoulders straps are very nice (I put a laptop in it, some books and magazines for weight) and the straps were very comfortable, the backpack must of weight 25lbs and didn't even felt like I had it on. Very impressed and satisfied with my new backpack.

8. XD Design - Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB port

best sling bag for travel - XD design
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Cut-proof design, non-tear able stuff, secret pockets and hidden zipper
  • Built-in internal USB Charging port
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Water resistant fabric – best to use in rainy weather while you are out on travel
  • Water resistant fabric – best to use in rainy weather while you are out on travel

​Samantha TBD
Verified Purchase

This backpack was prefect for crowded European cities where pickpocketing is a problem. We felt totally secure in keeping things in the bag throughout our trip. Others even commented on how they wished they had thought to get a better backpack before the trip.

9. XDDesign – Briefcase & Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

best sling bag for travel - XD Design - Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack & Briefcase
  • Luggage strap, durable metal zippers and also includes illuminating safety strips.
  • Advanced storage design with adjustable open angels
  • Shock-proof best sling bag for travel 2019
  • Hidden Zippers and Pockets for advanced safety
  • Dual Function – Can be used as both Backpack and Briefcase,
  • Dual Function – Can be used as both Backpack and Briefcase,
  • It also includes a shoulder strap and zinc alloy lock.

Verified Purchase

Hight quality. This backpack is very thin if you usually like to carry a bunch stuff don’t chose it. Personally I like it, is easy to handle it and confortable especially when I take public transportation. Is very resisten and looks so nice!

10. XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB port

best sling bag for travel - XD design 2
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Built-in Integrated USB Charging Port
  • Hidden Zippers & secret Pockets
  • Protective layers to save from theft - Cut-Proof Protection board
  • Best sling backpack for laptop when you are out on your tour
  • Main bigger pocket of sling bag can hold a laptop of 14 inches and a tablet of 9 inches
  • Integrated Rain cover

Verified Purchase

My wife and used Bobby Compact on our EuroTrip and I served us flawlessly. We received plenty of compliments while also being to enjoy what’s in front of us without constantly checking if your pack was tampered with.

Backpacks v/s Messenger Bags for Travel Purposes

Best designer sling bag for travel is a crucial part of every trip. You cannot really enjoy your journey if you cannot take everything you need to have there. You may also not sure about the security of all the valuable items. The two most popular travel bags are best sling bag for travel 2019 and messenger bags. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here we will make the best information to help you choose best sling bag brands for men on your journey.

Easy to use men’s cross body sling bag

In general, best sling bag brands are better option for durable and good quality. These best tactical sling backpack are easier and more practical to use. The weight of best sling backpacks equally distributes on the shoulders. However, these mens cross body sling bag can also be very useful if you know how to make use of this use. Choose the best sling bag for travel 2019 with a wide padded belt. This distributes the better weight on your body.


There are two ways to look at this. It is clear that best anti theft sling bag for travel are the best option if you have many things because they have more space. But if you need a bag to walk on the street, other Messenger bags are likely to be moved. They are closer and have many pockets to do everything for a short walk.

Easy Access to all pockets

Messenger bags do not win in this category. You are designed specifically for this process. The shoulder bag usually has one or two pocket at the shoulder bag when the user can easily store the items needed and external pockets to store smaller items. If you want to hang your back one day, just access it to open it to get things back. For best sling backpacks you have to bring the whole bag in front of you because you are connected to both shoulders.

Safety provided by best anti theft sling bag for travel

Sling bag for men amazon won this round again. You can easily pull them around your front where you can always see them to protect yourself from thieves. On the other hand, hand carry bags are not as safe as you can see but put them in front of you, which is not very comfortable.


In summary, both of these bags for travel have their share of good and bad points. Make sure your journey is crucial to choosing the best sling bag for travel suited to you. Best small sling bag for travel is likely to be suitable for shorter trips. Longer journeys may require backups. Better still, give both. Put your most important items in your best tactical sling backpack and pack a compact bag but you can transport your valuable items.

Top 3 Best Men's Leather Sling Bag

1. WeeDee - Best Anti Theft Sling Bag For Travel

best sling bag for travel - weedee
  • 2 colors are available – Black and Brown
  • Imported Fabric lining with Zip closure
  • Metallic Frame
  • Durable, Water resistant and high quality full-grain leather
  • Dimensions are 5.9" Length x 11.8" Width x 3.2" Height
  • Best Mens Leather Sling Bag for a 1 day trip or shopping.
  • Contain multiple storage
  • Can easily carry in 3 different ways – cross body bag – shoulder bag – chest bag
  • Anti-theft, handy, comfortable and lightweight best sling bag for travel 2019

Mister Gizmo
Verified Purchase

I am very impressed with this bag so far. It appears to be well crafted with good stitching and genuine leather. The leather is soft and the color is consistent. There are several pockets for stashing small items. See my video review for more information and a complete tour of the bag.

2. Yuebada – mens leather sling bag

best sling bag for travel - Yuebada
  • Polyester Used Inside - 30 cm height, 8 cm width
  • Texture: mens cross body sling bag is made with leather
  • This men’s leather sling bag include headphone port – Easy to listen the music.
  • Easy to Wear, non-tear able stuff & waterproof best sling backpacks
  • Bright colors, literary and vintage style
  • It is durable and comfortable to wear
  • Seeming of the best tactical sling backpack is tight, suitable for outdoor vacations and sports.
  • Wearable on both shoulders, right and left.
  • Includes 1 bigger compartment with zipper, 1 outer pocket – convenient to wear on shoulder

Rouben Rapelian
Verified Purchase

I love the soft leather. At first glance it looked like it would be too small. But it holds more than you would expect. I have everything I used to keep in a larger bag in this one and still have room to spare. Considering the price it is really great value. I'm thinking of buying another one just to keep as backup in case something happens to the one I have.

3. Xieben - Leather Sling Bag for men - Cross Body Shoulder Backpack

best sling bag for travel - Xieben
  • Material used in making of this best sling bag for travel - Horse Genuine Leather Cowhide
  • Size 17cm width x 9cm deep x 26cm height & Weight is approximately 520g
  • Includes adjustable strap, wearable on both sides in the front or back, can work as shoulder pack, cross body backpack, chest bag
  • This best sling bag brands for men includes 4 zipped compartments, 2 main zipped pockets, 1 front zipped pocket and 1 inner zipped pocket
  • Bigger storage capacity

Verified Purchase

The leather is soft and the color is consistent. There are several pockets for stashing small items. See my video review for more information and a complete tour of the bag.

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