Easy and Cheap Outdoor String Lights that don’t Cost A lot

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Nothing says “summer” just like the hot nights offered on the lawn, the garden or the garden. Simply adding the latest design outdoor string lights within the style chain will simply enhance the exterior beauty. Summer can ne’er be a similar again! Looking for easy and affordable ideas to decorate your garden? Get our greatest decorative ideas for porches, garden, terrace and lawn which you will love amazingly.

Here are Unique ideas which will add glazing beauty in your garden


1. Decorate like a wreath Patio Party String Lights

string lights on wreath - mystic dining

Best Outdoor String Lights 2018 can be used to cover parts of a wreath frame. Here, three threads with 25-point light cover a 12-inch frame. Replace the bulb in an extension and follow the fence of your yard in a new light. Using transparent or frosted light bulbs means that ornaments will look good throughout the year.


LouisChoice – LED String Lights with Timer & Waterproof

LouisChoice - best outdoor string lights

  • High quality led globe string lights with 15 m long timer
  • 30V low voltage transformer with nominal power of 7.2 W
  • 49Ft 100 warm white LED
  • 6 hours of running and 18 hours of rest after 6 hours of race and 24 hours of cycling
  • The built-in memory chip stores the function for the next time.
  • Extensible Light Chain LED – can be expanded to a maximum of 10 light chains
  • IP44 waterproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect combination for weddings, parties, Christmas, bedroom decoration, porch, garden or balcony, etc.
  • Customer service: Fast response via email for 12 hours: 15 month warranty and 45 days money back guarantee



2. Create boundaries with Beautiful Garden String Lights

make boundaries with outdoor string light

In the evening, have fun on a terrace or balcony, and learn how to hang string lights along the fence to define the perimeter of the party area.


Brightech – Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights – Hanging 2W Vintage Edison Bulbs

Brightech - best outdoor string lights

  • The lights are bright enough to make a grill without a flashlight
  • Perfect for entertainment or a romantic dinner
  • Bulb distance: 3 feet – Connections: a total of 8 filaments
  • Use antique pergola lamps for wedding receptions, birthday parties or other events.
  • High resistance outdoor string lights decor – Outdoor weather resistant
  • Energy-saving lamps: The best LED carnival lights to save money on the power bill.
  • Standard 2 watt standard bulb bulbs.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Offers full 3 year warranty



3. Connect outdoor spaces by Cheap Outdoor String Lights

connect spaces with outdoor string lights

Tie the outer décor pieces by turning the coffee lights over the fence posts and the trees with patio party string lights.


SUNTHIN – 2 Packs of 48ft long LED String – Latest design outdoor string lights15 x E26 Sockets and Hanging Loops

SUNTHIN - best outdoor string lights

  • 2 LED light strings 48 feet long with 15 hinges
  • LED lamp 3 feet – 18 x S14 – 3 replaceable bulbs.
  • Waterproof – outdoor wreaths are made of resistant threads
  • All type weather resistant
  • Replaceable LED bulbs – light chain with 18 unbreakable LED bulbs
  • Made of plastic material with 15 E26 standard connectors
  • The shots are adapted to all bulbs with a compatible base, so you have the ability to change your style.
  • Best Outdoor String Lights have been tested and meet the requirements for safety standards for boiler lights


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4. Illuminate a chandelier with LED globe string lights

Illuminate a chandelier with LED globe string lights

Twist the multi colored outdoor string lights around a wreath, oversized crown and hang them in your outdoor dining room for a bright atmosphere. How to make a rustic outdoor chandelier like this using branches and lists that you could otherwise have molded.


Ankway – 200 LED Fairy Lights – 8 Modes 3-Strands – Solar String Lights (Warm White)

Ankway - best outdoor string lights

  • 200 Super Bright LED Bulbs for 72 feet
  • High quality outdoor solar panels with 2M / 6.56ft cable length
  • Ideal for decorating gardens, patio, garden, wedding and trees, etc.
  • It is made of tough, foldable, waterproof IP65 3 core copper wire
  • Therefore these cheap outdoor string lights can also be used outdoors
  • 8 editable light modes, including combination, flashing, waves, fireflies, fainting, flashing, slowness, flashing and constant illumination.
  • Very easy to install: This solar cord is thin and flexible
  • You can easily create the characters you choose: The lashes are also ideal for outdoor Christmas decorations.
  • Effective absorption: LED Christmas light designed with solar panel and rechargeable battery
  • Solar outdoor string lights can operate around 8 hours at night if the panel is properly charged under strong sunlight.
  • 1 year satisfied customer warranty



5. Frame an outdoor space with Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

Frame an outdoor space with Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

Latest design outdoor string lights along the perimeter of the ceiling to an outer space to emphasize the party. Here the lights are lit against the red wooden plates of an outdoor bar in a back yard.


Classyke – 48ft LED Outdoor String – Best Outdoor String Lights 2018

Classyke - best outdoor string lights

  • Safety comes first: UL-approved adapter and cable for permanent installation indoors and outdoors
  • Constructed to resist the elements, just configure them once.
  • Resistant to the weather: Resistant to dust, sun, rain, wind and snow, remains exposed to summer and winter throughout the year.
  • Easy to install: These wreaths are easy to install with a comfortable loop on each base for easy mounting with hooks or clips.
  • Widely used for any occasion: LED globe string lights – perfect for outdoor use, patio, bistro, pergolas, gazebos, house details, camping, market, Christmas, parties, weddings or bedrooms.
  • Two year warranty



6. Set a smokeless fire with Solar Outdoor String Lights

Set a smokeless fire with Solar Outdoor String Lights

Place outdoor string lights decor to a pile of logs to shine a chimney at any time of the year. Here the copper wire lamps illuminate the stacked logs.


YIHONG – Copper Wire String Lights – Timer with Remote Control – Warm White

YIHONG - best outdoor string lights

  • Each chain contains 50 pieces. Light micro LEDs – 2 remote controls to control
  • Wonderful decorative and handmade tools: 2 sets of warm white lights with batteries
  • Best Outdoor String Lights used to decorate the wedding ceremony, the party, the garden, the lawn, etc.
  • Waterproof and portable – The battery housing is waterproof IP 44
  • 8 light and flicker modes available – Wave combinations, sequential, flashing, hunting, slow fading, constant illumination
  • Requires 3 AA batteries for each filament
  • Take the lead with light in the fountain to create a stunning water scene.
  • The new AA battery (not included) can last up to 5 days with ON Continuous Lighting
  • Timing set for 6 hours each day lasting more than six months without problems.

7. Divide a Space using beautiful garden string lights

Divide a Space using beautiful garden string lights

Hang the wreaths of cheap outdoor string lights on the ceiling height to define separate rooms in the courtyard. Select colored bulbs to add dimension and style.


Enbrighten – Vintage Seasons LED Warm White – multi colored outdoor string lights

Enbrighten - best outdoor string lights

  • Choose a color, a combination of two colors, or a variety of predefined color modes.
  • Includes wireless remote control to select the color, with low functionality and delay options in 2 or 4 hours.
  • Color temperature: 2200K + color change. Reliable up to 250 meters
  • 24 durable Edison-style impact resistant acrylic bulbs will not break if they fall, tramp or blow off the wind.
  • Learn how to hang string lights and increase beauty of outdoors, walkways, garden etc.
  • Commercial class construction and UL certification for permanent indoor and outdoor installation
  • Designed to withstand exposure throughout the year, just install them once
  • Lifetime warranty and long lasting LED, comfortable touch and low power, which means it is not necessary to replace the bulbs.
  • Functional and durable, with an elegant vintage touch


8. Make it intimate with Waterproof outdoor string lights

make it intimate

Create a large outdoor area comfortably, even charming, and create a canopy of wreaths. As the daylight fades in the night sky, the wreaths illuminate the room.


VanRayal – Colored Decorative String Light Plug in energy saving – 13FT long – 25 LED Christmas String Lights

VanRayal - best outdoor string lights

  • Outdoor use: C7 bulb design, can be installed on the roof or in the large room
  • Use low power LED beads, the power of each string (25lied) is only 2.6W, which only costs a few cents per hour to save your accounts
  • Best Outdoor String Lights will not heat up for a long time and the touch will be cold.
  • Lightweight coupling: Connect up to 82 threads for greater flexibility. You can surround the entire farm or house and even play with any model.
  • Waterproof structure in part – Non-removable construction – Resists all types of weather and avoids water mist interference
  • Quality assurance – we are 100% responsible for providing satisfactory after-sales service in quality issues.
  • Discount available on contact



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9. Enchant your garden with illuminating Solar Outdoor String Lights


Gather strings of globe lights under the bells to make lanterns along a lane. Improving the gardens’ beauty or paths is much easier than you think.


IfOlife – Raindrop Solar String Light Outdoor

ifOlife - best outdoor string lights

  • Convert to 8 modes
  • Replace light shades at 21 feet / 2 8: Include wave, slow, flash, sequential, slow, flashing, continuous illumination.
  • High efficiency solar energy: Leave 6 hours and stay 8 to 12 hours.
  • Built-in 1000mA NI-MH batteries of high quality
  • Solar panel 2V100ma
  • Fast and safe lighting
  • IP 65 Waterproof and weather resistant.
  • Great application: This sunlight is the first option to decorate gardens, lawns or vehicle entrances
  • You can decorate on Christmas trees, lawn, a patio, landscape, a wedding party.
  • Best guaranteed service



10. Create a vignette with LED globe string lights

Highlight the lush wall of a garden with a single outdoor global string light to indicate a space for events that require photographs.


Labvon – Outdoor String Lights – 8 Lighting Modes – 17ft 50 LED Waterproof Ball Lights (Warm Light)

Labvon - best outdoor string lights

  • It’s not hard to find a plug: move it where you need it.
  • Light cable with battery
  • Powered by 3AA batteries (excluded)
  • 8 different operating modes: The driving light regulator has 8 operating modes
  • Various selection modes create a vibrant, dynamic and good environment for family and friends.
  • Waterproof outdoor luminaires – IP44 certified, specially designed for outdoor use
  • Unique combinations of waves, sequential, slow motion, hunting, slow fading, brightness, continuous.
  • Warm light bulb
  • Can withstand light rain or water
  • Best for garden, wedding, party, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.




11. Add a unique charm with beautiful garden string lights

You can add beautiful decorative lights representing garden nature or enhancing its beauty.

Czethor – Solar String Lights – 20 LED Outdoor Waterproof – Decor for Garden – Warm White

Czethor - best outdoor string lights

  • Looks like real honey bees in your yard
  • Charge with solar power – powered by a rechargeable battery
  • No cable or power required
  • Have lower costs
  • These Best Outdoor String Lights has shaped by a high simulated honey bee décor
  • Honey bees with high simulation of the sun are made of durable plastic
  • Water resistant design: Perfect for outdoor decorations, it is not easy to break
  • Can tie with pearls petal, very beautiful
  • 1 set of sun screens, 1 ground point, 1 instruction manual
  • Easy to install: Only connect the tip with the rope light
  • Insert it into the fixed switch in the ON position and the installation is complete


For more indoor or outdoor latest décor ideas visit us at Mysticdining.com

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