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One MAJOR BENEFIT of buying and installing solar led lights is that they are too easy to maintain. Even after installation solar lights do not need any maintenance. These solar garden lights are one time buy thing, after that they work free of cost for you.

Maintain your Solar lights in winter

A commonly asked question is whether your best outdoor solar flood lights fixture can work in cold and icy winter season. And the answer is, YES! Solar string lights are specially designed to properly function in a variety of different climate regions and to withstand in all type weather conditions, including snow and heavy rain.

Good news! For people who are permanent residence in heavy snow areas throughout the winter season, WORRY NOT, solar spot lights can still give lights also in those areas. The solar light can still build-up electric battery charge with light snow coverage on the solar panel.

If snow, ice or dust makes a layer on the solar panel, take a damp towel and wipe it away carefully, do not use any chemicals on the solar panel. The only dangerous factor that cloudy weather can decrease the period of the solar light. To supply dusk-to-dawn bright light, the solar light panels must absorb 4-5 hours of direct sunshine.


You may have other QUESTIONS in your mind like…

Does these solar panel lights work in shady yards or somewhere that rarely sees the sun? But do they really work efficiently as they are praised in social channels? How solar path lights measure up to hardwired electric powered lights? Are they really cost effective or reliable for long term?


10 Interesting Facts about best outdoor solar flood lights

  • Sun is a free source of energy to convert into electricity
  • All best solar path lights are wireless
  • Green energy – cause no pollution or any harmful effects on environment
  • These solar led lights can be used anywhere – where there is also impossible to place electricity grids
  • 10 – 12 bright hours
  • No maintenance needed – As batteries of solar lights need no water or any other service
  • Reliable – lasts for long
  • Work even in cloudy weather
  • Once Installed then it is life time free
  • Enhanced security – good in parking areas or parks, where there is difficult to provide lights

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Storage Tips for long lasting Solar Street Light

  • If you are planning to store or to shelter your solar sensor light or best solar garden lights. Please make sure to turn “OFF” the light and disassemble the parts of solar light properly at dry place.
  • Solar string lights have lamp head which contains glass, it is necessary to wrap the solar light carefully. Wrap with bubble sheet to prevent cracks or breaking of glass.
  • In case, you are storing the solar spot lights for 2-3 months, it is highly advised – don’t forget to remove the batteries from lights.
  • When you need to put your solar lights back at the garden or pathway, just take a wet cloth and wipe the lights if there is any dust.
  • RESTRICTED – Do not use any kind of chemical products on the solar panel – which may harm or damage the solar panel lights.


Types of Solar Lights

  • Spotlights
  • Garden Lights
  • Motion-sensing Security Solar Lights

Solar path lights

These are the small solar lights on stakes, which can be thrust or dug down to the ground along a pathway to beautifully illuminate at night. They may not provide as more light as electric fires, so make plan to choose more outdoor solar lights to brighten up your way with the same brightness as electricity.

Solar-powered spotlights

The brightest solar street light which are easily available in market or online stores are called spotlights or task lights. The best outdoor solar lights can provide light that’s roughly equivalent to a 40-watt bulb. It’s still not as bright as a typical outdoor projector, so you may want to increase the areas where you want more bright and direct light.

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Smart Tips for best Performance of Cheap Solar Lights

By just following these steps you can easily get best or better performance of solar lights. Here are four tips:

  • Remove the light shield from outdoor solar lights before use.
  • Charge the batteries for two or three sunny days before turning on the lights for the first time.
  • Place the lights in an area where they can absorb maximum exposure of the sun.
  • Clean the lights regularly, as dirt or dirt can form, which reduces their illumination capacity.


Where can you use the Solar Spot Lights?

Solar lights are excellent for illuminating corridors away from outlets and can provide a lovely light along winding garden paths.

Where and how to use the Ambient Solar Lamps?

Place some hand-blown solar sensor light on poles in your garden or pathways for gentle garden lighting. You can also hang solar garlands, such as the lovely Mason pot lamps depicted here, on an outdoor dining table to welcome you at your next meeting.


Usage Guidance for Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar garden solar lights add many features to the exterior design, provides you more flexibility when designing your garden. To make the most of your outdoor solar lights, you must maintain and use them properly. Best outdoor solar flood lights can last several years of continuous operation if they are well maintained.

No doubt, choose a high quality brand as YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Here we provide smart tips to improve the durability and performance of the solar street light.


8 Best sellers providing Cheap Solar Lights

Here we have made a list of solar street light based on customer reviews and quality.

1. LITOM – Solar Lights Outdoor – 20 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights – 270°Wide Angle – IP65 Waterproof – Easy-to-install Security Lights

LITOM - best outdoor solar flood lights

  • Focuses on the innovation of design and technology
  • Offers best lighting experience
  • Has sold more than 5,000,000 solar motion lights
  • Reviewed “BEST” by more than 4,000,000 customers
  • Combined 20 pieces of high power LED beads
  • Improved light utilization by 25% and lighting angle 50%
  • Illumination range of one light can reach 200 sq. feet up to 800 sq. feet
  • 4 lights can be used at the same time –
  • Photoelectric conversion rate is 20% higher than other solar panel
  • Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor – detects motion
  • Absorb and transform maximum solar energy into electricity in full sun exposure
  • 20% brighter than other LED lights – bringing ultimate using experience
  • Heavy duty motion sensor light outdoor
  • Completely shields circuit battery
  • 3 times longer life span

2. DrawGreen – Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Aluminum, 1400-Lumens Bright LED Spotlight 9-Watts (110W Equivalent),Wireless Solar Flood Security Lights for Garden Driveway Patio, Solar Powered Lights(Black)

drawGreen - best solar walkway lights

  • Patent Solar Lights Much Brighter and Away Range1400LM 9-Watts (110W Equiv.)
  • Optics-grade PMMA lens
  • Strong light up to 40-55 feet
  • Takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge
  • Low-light display on rainy days
  • Without solar energy can last up to 3 long days
  • High quality aluminum alloy – durable with more safety
  • High-strength Aluminum alloy shell
  • Aluminum alloy shell – more durable
  • Can be used for 3-5 years
  • Metal bracket can easily be removed
  • Replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery design – more safer
  • Waterproof Protection IP66
  • -30 to 120℉ – Freeze proof and Heat proof
  • Can survive all type weather conditions
  • Energy saving
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Guaranteed 160 week warranty
  • No need of replacing and maintenance
  • 100% replacement warranty
  • Motion Sensor Light
  • Build-in PIR motion detection sensors attached
  • Ability to detect up to 20-26ft. away and range 120 degree
  • Switch on high-bright lighting mode(1400LM) for 20s distance up to 40-55ft
  • After motion detected then turn to Low light mode
  • Perfect for garden yard lawn patio garage porch driveway landscape security
  • 360° angle – Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Holder of solar lights can be rotate to 360°
  • Solar panel with adjusted angles
  • Full range of lighting and sensing angle
  • Black high sensitivity infrared sensor
  • Usable as a flashlight and easy to carry


3. LTE – Solar Flood Light Outdoor – 60 LED Security Lights IP66 Waterproof 300 Lumens Floodlights Auto-Induction Solar Power Bright Light for Lawn Backyard Garden

  • Long time lighting – Brighter light
  • 4W/6V solar panel – 60pcs 5mm hat beads
  • 4000 mAh lithum-ion – 300 lumens – 120 degree beam angle
  • Stays up to 16 hours after full charge
  • Upgraded appearance
  • Aluminum alloy material – distribution back heat sink fast & durable heat indulgence
  • IP66 waterproof – safe for outdoor use in any type of weather
  • Two easy install methods – stick into the ground or mount on the wall
  • Built in Light sensors – Automatic turn ON at dust and turn OFF at dawn
  • 2 years warranty with 100% adequate customer service


4. LEPOWER – Solar LED Security Light – 950LM Outdoor Motion Sensor Light – IP65 Waterproof, 5500K

LEPOWER - outdoor solar flood lights


  • 2 super bright LED light – energy saving
  • 950lm brightness output – good heat dissipation
  • Built-in 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery – rechargeable with solar panels
  • High sensitivity
  • 180°wide sensing angle – 49ft sensor range
  • Easy to adjust the light heads and motion sensor according to sun light
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Long life rating of 50,000 hours
  • Lasting and consistent in worthy performance
  • Efficient lighting and provide extra safety
  • 12 months warranty – 60 days money back guarantee if quality problem



5. RuggedGrade – High Power 1000 Lumen Solar Motion LED Flood Light – Commercial Grade Flood Light – Solar LED Floodlight – 10 watts of High Power Light – Adjustable Mount

RuggedGrade - outdoor solar flood lights

  • 1000 lumens – Solar motion flood light for outdoor
  • Capacity to bright a driveway, garden, pathway or backyard
  • Also works great as a security light.
  • Built-in Light and motion sensor
  • 2018 Models Now with 4 Modes
  • 10 Watts – LED floodlight power
  • Base light can go from 10% power to full brightness when motion is detected
  • Sensing range of 0-5 Meters
  • Three different modes: Bright / DIM / Recharge
  • Motion sensors – Lights turn ON when motion is detected
  • 10% light saving power mode when no motion
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Can be directly mount onto wall or into the ground
  • Angle can be adjusted according to better solar energy absorption
  • Premium Lithium Ion 8000 mah battery – stay longer for years and years
  • CE and ROHS certified

6. Nekteck – Solar Powered Garden Spotlight – Outdoor Spot Light for Walkways, Landscaping, Security, Etc. – Ground or Wall Mount Options (2 Pack, Warm White – 2300K)


  • Upgraded to 4th Generation – 200 Lumen output enhanced LED
  • Heatproof and Waterproof features
  • 2 in 1 Installation styles – thrust into the ground or mount on the wall using screws available in the package
  • Adjustable light angle for perfect spot illumination and angle adjustment of solar panel for full sun exposure
  • Long illumination time – stays up to 10 hours
  • Built-in Li-ion 2200mAh – rechargeable battery
  • Manual ON and OFF feature – dusk to dawn


7. BAXIA Technology – LED Solar Lights Outdoor, 400 Lumens Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Security Lights for Front – 28 LED in 2 Packs

BAXIA Technology - outdoor solar flood lights

  • Solar Motion Sensor – detects motion and solar lights turns ON automatically
  • Detected range from 9ft to 16ft
  • 400lm 28 LED extra bright solar lights
  • IP65 Waterproof – High-strength ABS
  • Water resistant and heat-resistant
  • Solar security light for outdoor patio, outer walls, deck, garden, back yard, fence, driveway and balcony
  • Highly efficient and eco friendly
  • Easy to install
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 90-days product warranty


8. Neloodony – Solar Outdoor Lights – 28 LED Motion Sensor – Wireless – Dark Sensing Auto On/Off -Security Lights for Back Yard, Front Door & Driveway

Neloodony - outdoor solar flood lights


  • High-powered 28 LEDs motion – ultra brightness – motion sensor solar outdoor
  • Li-ion battery provide 8-10 hours of illumination – gets fully charge in 6- 8 hours.
  • Motion sensor detector
  • Wireless motion sensor – detects motion up to 10-26 feet using angle of 120 agrees
  • Easy maintenance & installation – Installs easily in seconds
  • No complicated wiring, cords or nails are required
  • IP65 Waterproof & Heatproof solar panel lights
  • Suitable for wall, garden, patio, lawn, porch, pathway etc
  • Can survive in all type weather conditions
  • Reviewed by more than 350 customers


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