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Belt driven ceiling fan was some of the first ceiling fans created. These homemade belt driven ceiling fans use a single engine with a piston driving a belt that extends between each fan. Its belt motor is attached to the wall or ceiling. The belt was originally driven by hydraulic wheels outside the building with belt and Pulley system. Some of the belt driven ceiling fan with light have a single fan, while others may have more fans attached to a single belt.


The length between each belt driven ceiling fan can be up to 20 feet. Up to 5 belt driven ceiling fans antique can be driven by a single belt or motor. Belt-driven ceiling fans are commonly seen in commercial applications. Some people install these fans at home if the design of the house and budget fits this application. Most homemade belt driven ceiling fans found in hotels and restaurants are manufactured by Fanimation, the leading belt driven fans manufacturer. These cheap fans move with a small amount of air, but are designed for the show instead of the feature.

1. Fanimation - Ceiling Fan Belt Driven

fanimation - belt driven ceiling fan
  • Item weight: 22 pound
  • Dimensions: 21" x 16.8" x 21"
  • Functional, belt-drive fans
  • Originally produced in the late 1800s by Snediker & Carr
  • Color: Black
  • Made in TAIWAN
  • Premier belt-drive fan

Verified Purchase

I think the picture speaks for itself. Definitely a conversation piece. I recommend professional installation. You won’t be disappointed with this fan!

2. Quorum - Indoor Ceiling Fan with Weathered Oak Blades

belt driven ceiling fan - quorum
  • For Indoor use only
  • Light Kit Adaptable
  • Wall Control Included
  • 15 blades
  • 72" Blade Sweep, 30-Degree Blade Pitch, 6" Downrod
  • Airflow: 2008 Cubic Feet/Minute,  
  • DC-165L Motor, 6 Poles
  • Electricity Use: 23 Watts

Verified Purchase

Compliments and extreme comfort... pay close attn on how you put together there is a process.. I found a YouTube vid that was helpful

3. Fanimation - Kellan Ceiling Fan Housing

fanimation 2 - belt driven ceiling fan
  • Remote control
  • Package Includes all necessary hardware for installation
  • Blade sweep: 56 in. Made in China
  • Blade pitch: 20 degrees
  • Three reverse and three forward  speeds
  • Parts assembling is not included

​N Patel
Verified Purchase

works great..nice quiet motor. the remote works well. it would be nice if you didn't have to push so hard into the remote button. the remote could have been made a bit nicer.

4. Metropolitan - Ceiling Fan Belt Driven - Double Ceiling Fan

Metropolitan - belt driven ceiling fan
  • Satin Nickel with Light & Remote
  • Double Motor that Articulate 45-Degrees
  • 24 inches long Blades
  • Revers-able blades in Black color or Satin Steel
  • Integrated 75-Watt Halogen Light Fixture
  • Limited Motor Warranty of 15 years
  • 3 Speeds

​Brian Treinen
Verified Purchase

Love it. Quiet, moves a lot of air, light is bright and it looks great. Install was easy, instructions were decent and it comes with everything you'll need - two different length drop bars, wire nuts, bulb, etc. Great fan for a really good price.

5. Harbor Breeze - Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

harbour breeze - belt driven ceiling fan
  • lifetime of durability
  • Built for beautiful decor and to last longer
  • Powerful and quiet motor technology
  • 74 inches Downrod Length
  • 4 Blades forward and 6 Reversible Blades
  • 1 Light Bulb Base 
  • Indoor/Outdoor

​Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

Great at moving the air around. Have it in our unscreened porch, its delightful in the evenings when its hot and muggy keeps the bugs away also

6. Fanimation - Brewmaster 220-volt - Motor Only

fanimation 3 - belt driven ceiling fan
  • Affordable
  • Quality and beautiful Design
  • Clean Lines
  • Three simple reasons to make this to add a great addition to any room
  • one of a kind masterpiece
  • belt driven ceiling fans antique
  • 16 pounds weight
  • Product dimensions - 10 x 8 x 10 inches

Verified Purchase

Very cool product. Looks great, but if you follow the instructions to a T (I did) the installation is complex and requires a lot of drywall work.

7. Fanimation - Belt Driven Ceiling fans for sale

fanimation 4- belt driven ceiling fan
  • 36 x 16.8 x 36 inches
  • Black color
  • Material: Iron
  • Indoor use only
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 110 volts

​Gary B.
Verified Purchase

Great product.. Love it

8. Fanimation - belt driven ceiling fans cheap

fanimation 5- belt driven ceiling fan
  • Motor sold separately
  • Blade sets sold separately
  • 5 pounds weight
  • Dimensions:6 x 6 x 9.9 inches 
  • Power usage:120 volts
  • Remote Control
  • One year warranty

Verified Purchase

All the materials are good on the fan...the motor weighs more than a normal ceiling fan by itself. I installed it with a retrofit brace and put the housing into a joist with 2 1/4" lag bolts. Everything seems rock solid, didn't need to install it by tearing the ceiling up to add a piece of wood backing as the manual suggests. Was missing a few pieces and Fanimation has great customer support; they mailed them to me immediately.

9. Fanimation - belt driven ceiling fan parts

fanimation - belt driven ceiling fan parts
  • Dry location rated
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • weight only 1 pound
  • use 120 volts energy 
  • Two blades included
  • One year relaxing warranty

Verified Purchase

Love this fan parts. It's a hit with everyone.

Belt Driven Exhaust Fan by Best sellers

10. TPI - belt driven exhaust fan

belt driven exhaust fan - TPI
  • Durable Exhaust Fan
  • 1/3 HP and 2-Speed Motor
  • Lubricated blades provide resistance from corrosion and abrasion
  • great speed for perfect ventilation of interiors
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Portable Exhaust Fan
  • 34 inches Length X 35.5 inches Width X 14.5 inches Depth

​Richard Kuklinski
Verified Purchase

Now that it is installed, wouldn’t want to live without it.

11. Ventamatic - belt powered ceiling fan - Whole House Fan

belt driven exhaust fan - Ventamatic
  • 42 pounds
  • 10 year limited warranty

​Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

Works great. Not as loud as people claim, but this was installed with a thin rubber liner between the wood. Our electric bill is so much lower. Should have done this years ago. We live in a hot climate.

12. Triangle Engineering of Arkansas - Belt Driven Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans

belt driven exhaust fan - Triangle Engineering of Arkansas
  • 40.75 inches of height
  • 24.0  inches of length
  • Material used: steel
  • 40.75  inches of width

​Far North
Verified Purchase

I had this professionally intalled one month ago and this fan is awesome! On warm Pacific NW days I kick it into gear (2 speeds) as soon as the sun goes down and our 85 degree house (1750 sq feet) cools 10 degrees in 30 minutes. It's fairly loud - wouldn't want it on all night because it is near our bedrooms​

Functionality Of Belt Driven Ceiling Fans VS Electric Fans

Electric ceiling fans and belt powered ceiling fan fulfill the same crucial function in the form of air circulation, but each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Both are extremely effective to keep your home cool in the warmer months. Belt driven ceiling fans cheap keep the room fresh and cool without relying on your air conditioner. Both types of fans can increase decor or spoil the beauty of room. Belt ceiling fans could be the perfect finish.

Variations and style of ceiling fans

There are many variations of both fan styles. Belt driven ceiling fans for sale come in a variety of designs to emphasize the theme of your room or entire home. The choice of the best ceiling fan depends on individual consumers, as it suits the needs of the person and waits for ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans: PROS AND CONS

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

  • Belt-driven fans are not just addicted to electricity.
  • Its Belts use a similar system for a pulley to move to the fan blades
  • It reduces the engine load, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • These Belt-driven fans are also easier to maintain than electric fans
  • Maintenance of the belt and bearing can be performed while the fan is running
  • No need to turn it off and lose valuable cooling.
  • Ceiling fans powered by belts are considered more environmentally friendly
  • They use less energy without sacrificing style and function
  • Usually, belt driven ceiling fan parts have an engine placed in another room or cabinet.
  • This can be aesthetically appealing, but it can take up more space than you think is necessary.

Electric ceiling fans

  • They do not require a filter as the band's fans
  • Electric fans save space when needed.
  • The motor and the wheels are directly connected and not separated as belt fans.
  • Electric ceiling fans offer the same style and functionality, but less load on the engine
  • Electric ceiling fans do not have belts that can collect debris and dust.
  • They consume more energy

how To Select belt powered ceiling fan

Both fans can be used to complement a variety of design schemes

  • Belt driven ceiling fans for sale are characterized primarily by creating a traditional look and function
  • Belt driven ceiling fans antique tropical for your home
  • Electric fans make design both classic as modern can
  • Not as traditional as belt driven ceiling fan with light can visually achieve.


Belt driven ceiling fan have more PROS resulting in to choose a better one. But, the final decision should be left to the individual as this is an extension of style and functional preferences.


Even the best homemade belt driven ceiling fans, may seem simple enough. But at first sight it is much more than meeting the eye. If you want to buy belt driven ceiling fans cheap. There are three important things to know before take out your wallet.

1. Belt Driven Exhaust Fan DO NOT Add Decor

Surprisingly, right? But that's true: indoor ceiling fans are not very cool a room. Rather, belt driven exhaust fan refresh people in a room. The circulation of the air increases the evaporation of the skin. This creates a kind of thermal sensation effect that cools the person. Even though it does not change the air temperature in the room.

Since belt driven ceiling fans antique do not really cool the room temperature. They must be switched off when the room is not used to save the cost of energy.

2. Electric Ceiling fans can also heat

Indoor ceiling fans are not heated as an oven. However, Ceiling Fan Belt Driven can help to reduce heating.

Hot air rises naturally, but a ceiling fan can push this warm air into the room. When the fan rotates clockwise, the wings push the air upward, forcing hot air that has accumulated near the ceiling to return to the room. When you move the warmer air back into the room and circulate it. It will not only heat it, it will heat it evenly.

3. Cheap Fans Are Not Always Good

Everything is related to the budget. Because budgets is a crucial component whenever you have to buy anything. That means it's a time to do some research and save yourself to buy again and again. A low price can be understandably tempting but when it comes to buying belt driven ceiling fans for sale, THINK!

  • The best Ceiling Fan Belt Driven are smart and have efficient machines.  
  • Belt ceiling fans use powerful engines that use a reasonable number of revolutions per minute for the room.
  • A low engine saves costs.
  • But cheap engines are unlikely to produce sufficient engine speed or adequate fan speed
  • They have slow speed to effectively rotate the blades to heat or cool the room.
  • More often, the fan blade weight may be greater than the engine can handle, thus charging the system.
  • This creates a noisy and troublesome fan
  • They can have a very short life span.
  • This does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money to buy from expensive belt driven fans manufacturer
  • There are many fans that offer the right efficiency and function at a good price.

Belt driven ceiling fan VS. Electric FANS

In any industrial environment, you need best DIY belt driven ceiling fans to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. There are:

  • One - Belt driven exhaust fan
  • Two - Belt driven ceiling fans antique
  • Three - Belt driven ceiling fan with light
  • Four - DIY belt driven ceiling fans
  • Five - homemade belt driven ceiling fans
  • Six - belt driven ceiling fan parts

For example, if your working environment is equipped with fans; you should choose between best Belt driven ceiling fan and direct ceiling fan. What is best for your working environment? Ceiling Fan Belt Driven or direct? Here you look at each type:

Belt powered ceiling fan

Functionality: A brake drive configuration, the engine is independent of the fan blades. At least one belt (sometimes more) connects the motor to the moving parts of the fan.

  • Belt powered ceiling fan provide more flexibility in speed.
  • Generally, such fans are cheaper than direct-sized fans of similar size.
  • They tend to be quieter than the option.
  • More friction between moving parts
  • It can lead to higher energy costs
  • Increased maintenance of belt driven ceiling fan parts.

Electric Ceiling Fans

Functionality: A direct mode configuration - the fan motor controls the movement of the fan blades. They are connected to a shaft or fan axle. Therefore, fan blades rotate at the same speed as the engine.

  • Higher efficiency is the biggest pro for direct-fan configurations.​​​​
  • Unlike homemade belt driven ceiling fans
  • There are also no remnants of the belt
  • Maintenance of these fans is usually cheaper
  • The belts do not break.
  • Energy loss is less due to less friction in fan movement.
  • They are also easier to clean.
  • Less flexibility compared to belt driven ceiling fan.
  • It can also be more expensive if similar fans are driven directly and the belt drive is next to each other.
  • The direct stations are also noisier than their counterparts with the belt station.

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