10 Best Wind Chimes of 2019

Best Wind Chimes

It is always pleasant to have the best wind chimes in the corners of the house. They serve two very basic purposes.

  1. The best sounding wind chimes add the aura of peace and humbleness in the environment. It helps in soothing your mind and relaxing it a bit. Thus, such best quality wind chimes shall help your mind to feel fresh and ready to carry on your tasks efficiently.
  2. Secondly, the best wind chimes with their beautify cords and blocks add beauty to the house. Now, they come in different shapes and styles. My favorite is the ones with crystals attached to the best string for wind chimes. They come in different colors which add up to the beauty of your house in a subtle way.


If you are thinking to spare a room for meditation or even a study room where you need peace and silence then buying the best quality wind chime would be the best thing you can do. Although they make a sound it’s so peaceful that you would love meditating or reading your favorite novel with the sound of it. However, if you are wondering where to find the best wind chimes to buy then you have come to the right place. We are here to assist you to find the best-rated wind chimes. With the best wind chimes reviews, we bring you the collection of best wind chimes in the world. Their features are mentioned along with the product. Select the one you find perfect for your house.

  • The tune of this amazing grace is the most loved hymns of all time.
  • Moreover, this one of the best wind chimes in the world is made of cherry finished ash wood. Also, it has six aluminum silver tubes.
  • Its length is 16 inches measured from the top of the gathering ring to the bottom of the wind catcher.
  • This one of the best sounding wind chimes have been appreciated by the whole world. Fun Fact: It was created by the Grammy Award winner Garry Kvistad in 1979.

Verified Purchase

"Beautiful Wind chime, great customer service, The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the company tag is held on by the same string that holds the Pendent onto the wind chime. so be mindful of this and don't cut it off!! You need to un-loop it carefully, I think this is a bad idea to attach a tag with the same string that holds the chime together, but the customer service is excellent and sent another right out!"
  • This one of the best wind chimes 2019 is quite beautiful visually. It comes in different colors that make it eye-catching. Also, the hymn it plays when the wind touches it adds the beauty in it and in the room as well.
  • Moreover, its measurements are 27 x 5 3/4 inches.
  • This one of the best wind chimes 2019 is made of wood and capiz shells.
  • Furthermore, it handmade by the Indonesian tribal Bali family.

Verified Purchase

"This is really pretty hanging under my patio. Love the colors and I think the sounds it makes are lovely. Some described as glass pieces banging together, I don't think it sounds like that at all. I was worried because it was windy the day I hung it, but it held up well."
  • This one of the best-rated wind chimes is a Woodstock Zenergy percussion three-tone chime. It produces a quite soothing sound that helps you to relax and refresh your mind.
  • It is one of the best wind chimes that is handcrafted with three aluminum rods on a wooden base
  • Furthermore, this best wind chime comes with rubber tipped striking mallet.
  • It is perfect for meditation and relaxation.
  • Also, this one of the best wind chimes to buy comes with a 1-year warranty. Its length is approximately 8 by 3 inches.

Verified Purchase

"I teach second grade and I love these chimes. I use it to calmly get my students' attention. I also use it when time is up in literacy center rotations. These are also perfect to use to end pair-share conversations. I highly recommend using these chimes."
  • These wind chimes have gotten the best wind chimes reviews. Their tune is so clear and the pendulum in the mid assures that the tune shall be clear and sound even with stiff wind.
  • Moreover, these relaxing best wind chimes come with the relaxing hymns. Composed with 22 inches polished metal chimes you shall hear the most relaxing tune.
  • These are not only beautiful but they last long as well. Moreover, they are manufactured along with strong beech wood which is resistant to the water and wind damage.
  • The best thing about these wind chimes is that they come with a money back guarantee without any questions asked.

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"These wind chimes are reasonably priced and have the most lovely melodious sound. We just love them!"
  • These wind chimes with the best string for wind chimes come with 5 tuned melodies. These are specially designed by the great Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.
  • Moreover, these beautiful wind chimes have a bronze color and they come with 5 aluminum tubes. Along with that, it has a cherry wood top, wind catcher and clapper. In addition, these best wind chimes have durable braided nylon cord which is the best cord for wind chimes.
  • They are medium sized and classic style wind chimes with meditative tones to relax your mind with.
  • Moreover, a noble cause is attached to its sale. The benefit comes from the sale of these wind chimes goes to Tibetan organization for the preservation of their culture.
  • It has 25.5 inches of length with the longest tube of 14 inches. From top wooden piece to the bottom of wind catcher it is of 19.5 inches.

Verified Purchase

"These are the best wind chimes. Totally recommend it!"
  • These best wind chimes come with handmade agate which is completely random.
  • Moreover, it total length is 18.5 to 22 inches whereas the agate is 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Furthermore, the wood ring is 0.7 inches.
  • This product is perfect for garden or meditation room decoration. It is pleasing to both eyes and ears dues its visual appearance and tunes it creates.
  • Their agate is handmade and differ in size adding uniqueness to its whole appearance

Verified Purchase

"I bought this as a gift for a very good friend. She absolutely loves it! This chime sounds like a cross between glass and fine metal chimes. The colors are vibrant. I suggested that she hang it in a section where she gets a lot of wind and sun. But it's a very pretty chime so I won't mind seeing it indoors for just the aesthetics ."

  • These best wind chimes are made of sandblasted glass pleasant gentle sound found wood.
  • Moreover, they are powder coated to protect the finish.
  • They make a great gift for the gardens and meditation rooms.
  • However, these beautiful wind chimes require some maintenance to keep its beauty alive. They have to be polished with polyurethane otherwise if placed outside it shall start to oxidize.
  • These are handcrafted wind chimes with each glass having different color and a slightly different shade.

Verified Purchase

"Very pretty wind chimes with a light tinkling sound. Have to unpack from a lot of bubble wrap and rubberbands, but when they are up, they are beautiful, really like these!"

  • These best wind chimes have harmonic overtones which provide more tunes than tubes.
  • Moreover, they come with black and cherry ash wood with 9 silver aluminum tubes.
  • They come in length of 34 inches and have a width of 15 inches overall from top of the chime to the bottom of the wind catcher.
  • They are ideal as a gift and they look beautiful in the garden and meditation room. Their sound is quite pleasing to hear and relaxes your mind a lot.

Verified Purchase

"It's hard to buy wind chimes online, ya know? You don't get to hear them...which how they sound is the whole point. I just moved to a new house and wanted some wind chimes but didn't have a lot of money to spend. These wind chimes were priced within my budget but I was nervous about how they would sound. They were delivered yesterday and I unpacked them immediately."
  • These best wind chimes are chargeable. They can be charged with the help of solar energy as it contains solar panels that light up the chime at night providing visual pleasure to the eyes. Moreover, when it is fully charged it can light up for 6-8 hours.
  • Also, these best wind chimes come with multi-colored hummingbirds attached to It that randomly change colors at night.
  • These wind chimes can be hanged quite easily. Made of the most durable plastic it can last for a long period of time. Furthermore, it comes with a hook making the installation quite easy.
  • In addition, these wind chimes can be presented as a gift and a great option to be used for décor.

Verified Purchase

"My mom loves it! Was a bday present she loves it so much."

  • These best wind chimes have a measurement of 30 inches in length.
  • Moreover, these have five aluminum tubes with 5 centers pinned and adjustable striker.
  • The best thing about these wind chimes is that it is durable. They are composed with the most durable aluminum and it is powder coated along with oxidized finish.
  • Moreover, they come with the best cord for wind chimes which are industrial and durable for a long period of time.
  • The actual beauty about this product is that it produces the best gentle tunes which relax your mind in seconds.

Verified Purchase

"I was looking for something durable and not too girly for my fiances gravesite. The verse on this was perfect and they sound beautiful. These look as though they will last awhile before having to replace. The cording is thick and the metal seems like it won't rust easily. Just what I was looking for."

Why You Should Buy the Best Wind Chimes

​Nowadays everyone has gotten so busy in their schedules whether it’s a working mom, dad or even a school going, child. Everyone! Everyone got busy schedules and they all get very less time to spend on themselves… on their body or mind. This can be so frustrating and that is why people go through mental illnesses. Therefore, to earn for yourself it is important to keep yourself alive and that can only be done if you actually look after yourself. Spend a happy time.
The mental peace and relaxation can be obtained through different therapies. You can paint or spend quality time with your family and friend. One of the best ways to relax your mind is to meditate. However, that too also requires a special environment. For starter, there should be a room for it or you can even meditate in the garden. To add flavors to it to make your mind be in the most peaceful zone you can buy wind chimes. Yes, that is exactly why you should buy wind chimes. With their peaceful tunes and hymns, your mind will take less than a minute to get to that peaceful zone.
Therefore, you should always consider buying the best wind chimes. If you are unaware of the best place to buy wind chimes then you have come to the right place.

Customer Guide for the Maintenance of the Wind Chimes

​As it is quite obvious the wind chimes will be in contact with the wind. Therefore, that can lead some consequences where you being the owner have to maintain the wind chimes. To help you maintain the wind chimes you own you should follow the following of the steps;
1.If it is to be seen that really bad weather is hit the place then it would be better to take off the wind chimes and place them to the secure place.
2.In winters it is better to keep the wind chimes away from the cold. However, if the wind chimes are made of bamboo or wood then it is recommended to place them in unheated places. They are extremely sensitive to humidity or temperature.
3.For cleaning purposes always use detergent and cloth to clean the wind chimes made of aluminum, capiz, metal glass or any other material besides wood. Whereas, for wood and bamboo it is better to clean the chimes with lemon oil or Danish. Afterward, clean it with a cloth to protect it from other elements.

Where One Should Hang the Wind chimes?

The wind chimes can be hung anywhere you like. However, their purpose needs to understand clearly. They have to be exposed to normal weather providing you the best peaceful tunes. So, you can hang them with trees where you can go sit beneath the tree branches observe the nature and hear the most soothing sound. Also, you can hand the wind chimes in your room, on the ceiling, or if you a study/meditation room, you can always hand it there. This shall help you in getting the peaceful environment around you.


​The best wind chimes are what a person should be looking for if he or she is need for peace in his/her own house. If you are planning to have a study or meditation room where you want to add ecstasy to it then owning wind chimes shall be your thing. They will provide the best soothing harmonious sounds that shall make your mind to relax and stay at peace. However, if you are unsure of where to buy the best wind chimes then you have come to the right place.
You shall encounter many sites where wind chimes are seemed to be sold. However, most of them sell the product which does not last for long. But with the affiliation with Amazon you shall encounter high-quality products. Some of the best wind chimes are mentioned above along with their features. Select one which you like the most.

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