Ways to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Hall For Your Big Day

The Wedding Reception- Your Day on the Go……

Super excited ? Nervous ? Confused ? Or even in a huge Panic ? Keep it cool guys I am sure the wedding season comes with its sparkle but yet again apart from the dress the biggest challenge is getting that ideal  “Wedding Reception Hall” before its too late. Here today you will learn how to make your big day look even more special than ever by having the best wedding venue which suits your choice, style, comfort and budget. Its not that simple even though its not that much difficult as it seems.  Its all about how you properly plan and execute your event timely. Few things that you should know clearly are

  • Budget
  • Event type – Formal, Classy, High-end, Country style etc
  • Your tentative Guest List

So here you go…

1- Expenses relevant to the Budget

Its not just the Venue ! The Food, beverages, decor and entertainment surely costs, so first of all you need to cut down the budget you have and break it in segments where you wish to let your money go. Just a tip try and be flexible on the dates as few specific dates get a little more costly.  Make sure your expenses are relevant to the budget as exceeding to it is not an option.

2- Venue Location

The location of an event should be an ideal one, the reason is when you give a receptions its all about the cherished moments you share with your loved ones and close friends. For this they certainly have to be there right ! In case if you choose a place which is situated way far and is not in a possible reach for the maximum people, things might go a little off the plan here.  But still if you plan an event in such a place you need to make sure you have an airport, motel or a hotel nearby. Make sure the location is easily conveyed to the attendees. You can arrange interactive outdoor and indoor mapping for this purpose as well.

3- Theme & Decor – The Ambiance

This would actually show the class of the wedding reception, the hall should be tastefully decorated and the theme you have decided should relate to it. Make sure you keenly observes the halls architecture or if its a outdoor wedding reception idealize the location first.

Want to see how  a Harmony White Theme looks like ? Watch this

4- Services & Attractions

The Kitchen should be enough to provide the required catering to the event. As wedding catering is one of the most important aspects to cover. The venue should have audio visual facility, along with a very fine and clean dining served by neat and clean staff. Hygiene is very important. The space should be enough to cover up tables and chairs to the number of attendees expected.  If the place gets too much crowded you always end up in a hassle which you truly do not want on your special day.  Always count what that particular hall is offering in services.

5- Hall Capacity

Its obvious a room fit of 250 persons can never accommodate 500 people with a  plus and minus . So you need to be very sure that the tentative expected guests can easily fit in to the wedding hall and that also in a very fine comfortable way. You would not like people bumping into each other at all.

6- Parking lot

You need to make sure that there is a parking lot or at least there is some space for your guests to park their cars. For this when you book the hall at that same time you need to reserve the parking lot as well. You can also offer valet parking for the event which would be even more convenient for your guests at the wedding.


So I am sure you now know well that what basically is very vital for you to have in hand  for your wedding reception. A well planned wedding reception hall would end up in a perfect event which would gather a lot of beautiful memories for you. Happy Wedding people 🙂


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